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Oct. 13, 9 years After the Breaking

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Two incredibly powerful interdimensional beings have come to our Earth, having been kicked out of their own for refusing to follow the rules. They chose ours because the beings that guard our world either do not care, or are absent, and they chose our planet because of the prevalence of magic and mystic/celestial interference, elements that will make the game they're playing more interesting. They chose creatures and people to become pieces in the game, altering their bodies and minds and the words around them. Some became dragons and dragonshifters and mages, the ostensible "heroes" of the world, and some became eldritch abominations focused on destruction, the "villains". What they didn't know was that this specific Earth contained several billion humans, all of whom are pissed that a pair of strangers have started playing around with them. Specifically, two brother, the Winchesters, who upon finding out what's going on decide to stop it once and for all. And they have a bit of a track record with something like this. But first, they have to survive. And nothing they've encountered has prepared them for the world they'd encounter after the Storm.

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