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Storm Watch

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Clouds gather, darkening the sky to a cool, dead gray. Wind rips through the trees, dispelling the last vestiges of autumn leaves. Rain begins to pelt the ground, swelling the rivers and choking the storm drains. The old factories stand above it all, resisting The Storm as they always have. The Storm Watch assembles, knowing the time has once again come to drive back the deluge.   Storm Watch is like if Buffy were set on the opposite side of the country, in a small northeastern city far past its prime. Players will be part of The Storm Watch, a secret society dedicated to protecting the city from a recurring storm that brings with it more than just rain and wind. The main themes of the game are urban ruin and industrial decay contrasted with Lovecraftian horror, the dreams and ideals of the early 20th century with the atrocities those ideals caused and their failure to live up to the modern day.   Theme Song:

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