Summer Camp 2019 - It's prep time

I'm here to kick ass and complete prompts, and I'm all outta asses... to... kick?

Let's do this

It's time to get down and dirty with developing Synthacrosia. All the nitty gritty details, intros, descriptions, events -- I want to fill it out! Summer camp, July 2019, that's going to be the place to do it. This is gonna be a big ol thing.  
I can see the end, but it appears so far off, I'm worried I'll never reach it. However, I plan to maintain momentum, and reach the end of this story!
— Me, in the intro to Synthacrosia
  This summer camp will really be about building and maintaining that momentum. It's something I've never really taken part of; a large scale, month long writing challenge. Forcing a minimum of 9000 words out of myself, over the course of a month? Absolutely! I can't wait.   I've been looking at the previous summer camp entries, and I'm blown away by the polish and amount of effort that went into it. Some people finished an insane amount of words in the allotted time. That's what this planning will be all about, building that framework for me to fill out with the previously mentioned insane amount of words! Shoot for the moon, eh?   Preamble out of the way, let's get into this planning business.  

SC2019 Checklist

Step by step of what I'm going to complete!

Thing to completeCompletion amountMessage
Get 1 prompt done1/1Woo hoo! You did it! Great Job! only a few more to go!
Get 5 prompts done5/5Keep that momentum up
Get 15 prompts done15/15Halfway there! Maybe. Probably. Dont forget feedback!
Get 20 prompts done20/20foresight is 20/20 hopefully
Get 25 prompts done25/25After this, only 5 left!
Get 31 prompts done31/31DONE. Now, go back and polish those articles!
Leave feedback on 1 article1/1Community is just as important!
Leave feedback on 5 articles5/5Halfway there, this should be easy
Leave feedback on 10 articles18/10and done! Likely so many good articles to look at. Do some bonus ones!
5 Articles relating to lower floors4/5Fill out those floors, to prep for the eventual story
5 Articles relating to Floor 44/5This is where the party is RIGHT NOW. Give them something to do.
5 Articles relating to Floor 510/5Next floor, better prepare.
5 Articles relating to Floor 64/5Keep these articles secret from the players.
5 Articles relating to Floor 7/84/5REALLY keep these articles secret, no spoilers here!
5 Articles relating to Story8/5Fill out that story. What happened, when, why? What's going to happen?
Try new formats!yes/yesTried humor and second person!

How you gonna do all that, Stormbril?

Well, I'm glad you (read: I) asked!  


This part is essentially already complete! I keep a google docs folder of all my preparation for this world. It is, after all, a Pathfinder campaign. We're about halfway through it, and I need to ensure there's always content for my players to explore. Aside from that, I've used this article to get some more fine detail planned out! I've decided how many prompts to apply where I need to, and what to cover.


I'm not making this plan iron-clad; if prompts don't fit, I'll mix and match as I see fit. I will write the minimum 300 words for every single prompt, and then add more as needed. Actually, I'm not even going to think about the word count as I create the articles. I suffer from a severe case of word vomiting; I end up going way over the limit for everything I write. Hell, look at my world introduction article (Top of the sidebar) for an example.

The End?

If I write an article, a short yet complete article, and still have time... I'll go back and add polish to some of the other entries in this challenge. The last few days of the challenge will hopefully allow me to polish and fix things on the old ones! If I can, I'll be saving floor 7 and the Starstone Architrave for the last few prompts. I want to write shorter articles about the upper floors, to keep things a secret.
Writing is hard


A not-so-brief overview of the world I plan to work on during SC2019.
Welcome to Purgatory
Generic article | Aug 20, 2019


What I plan to cover:  

First floor

Ah, the first floor. It's been a while since we've been here. There's a lot of framework built for this floor, but hardly any details. Three areas in particular need some of my attention. The clockwork forge, and the two nameless cities. I'd like to name the cities, give them some backstory, and outline some processes in the clockwork forge.  

Second Floor

The second floor is one of my most complete floors! The cities have been well designed, as well as some history. I'd like to add small articles, bits of prose about day to day life, or maybe some events. Some care could be put into the forest surrounding the river as well.  

Third Floor

The third floor is a massive desert, full of sand and heat and ruins. Gives me a lot to work with! Some questions I'd like to answer about the floor: Why is it a desert? What were the ruins before they became ruins? Did people ever live on this floor? Are there more soul coin terminals on this floor?  

Fourth Floor

This floor is by far my most extensively developed floor, history wise. So much has been written about the cities, and the war they both experienced. What I'd like to do is use some prompts to develop conflict and events for the party of heroes. Use it to design encounters! The ocean is fairly empty, and I'd like to add more. If any prompts are related to magical artifacts, I'll use them to design artifacts here.  

Fifth Floor

Here we go, getting into unexplored territory! I've got a map scribbled out on some grid paper for this floor, and some rough plans for encounters on it. What I plan to do with the prompts is to fill out those details. I want to describe the general topography of the floor, and I want to explain the hardships the people experience. This floor sent an army to seal off Floor 4 from them, why did that happen?  

Sixth Floor

I have an incredibly brief overview of this floor, and an even more rough sketch of the floor plan. I need to build that framework the other floors have! The prompts I choose for this floor will hopefully be related to cities, foundations, and maybe a tiny bit of history. I'd like to give things some names here.  

Seventh Floor

One of the "last" floors the party will reach. The story will be reaching a crescendo here! I'll have to be very careful about what I write for this floor. Again, most of the prompts will be used to create a framework. Naming things, overviews, descriptions, things like that. I'll try to keep as many secrets for this floor as I can.  

Starstone Architrave

I'm actually not sure if I'll use any prompts towards this place. The most secret location of the world, so secret even I don't know what it is. It keeps changing, morphing in my mind; I'll have an idea for it one day, only for it to change on the next. If I use any prompts towards it, it will be for writing "rumours" of what people have heard about this floor.

The End

Phew! Done! I'm writing this in the past, but hopefully at this point I've completed all 30 prompts and done a great job and made a million dollars! Maybe not that last one, though one can hope.   I'd like to use this space to highlight 5-10 of my favourite articles from this event. These don't have to be my articles! I'll try to feature at least one or two of my own, because I think every artist should love their work. However, I would really love to highlight some of the amazing entries I'm sure we'll see from the community. And with that, thanks for a great SC2019!  


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21 Jun, 2019 17:37

I really liked that you planned for leaving feedback on articles. Also, I'm looking forward to the "new formats" bits ;)

27 Jul, 2019 13:51

wow, are you a full-time writer? I am such a noob but I love trying all this out. Any feedback on my stuff would be an honor of course. I learned about tooltips from reading your prize-winning article "The Ardent" last year. However, I understand you know how to utilize excerpts. Where can I learn how to do that?

1 Aug, 2019 23:32

This is one of my hobbies! I'm glad you think so, and enjoy my work though! thanks! :)   "The Ardent" was actually done by Law of Mana -- I wrote the Greenminster Expedition. Seems like the authorship is all mixed up on the challenge page! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.   Excerpts are easy! First though, if you want to learn about what you can do with WA, I highly recommend this page here:   As for excerpts, when you're writing your articles, there's a portion under the "Design" tab labeled "Excerpt" -- fill out a brief description there, and then make sure the article is published.   From then on, any time you link to that article using the @link system, it'll display that excerpt as a tooltip!

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