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About Sternverse

  Sternverse is an in-development non-commercial sci-fi project heavily inspired by the Fallen London series and drawing roots from Hinduism and Hermetic Qabalah. It is a setting designed for collaborative effort and contribution from multiple authors.  

About Oathbreakers

  Sternverse: Oathbreakers is an indie narration-heavy RPG in the early stages of development. It is created using the Godot game engine and C# programming language. You can find more about Godot here.   Oathbreakers is a sci-fi tech-noir adventure in which players assume the role of Fayth, an intelligent machine being with a rare ability to freely pass through the physical boundaries of reality – an ability that will prove most crucial as they find themselves involved in a civil war that would eventually decide the fate of the entire galaxy. Fayth must gather as many allies as possible – throughout the known universe and beyond – and prevent these seemingly destined events from coming to pass.   For any suggestions, discussion and questions feel free to visit the Discord server.