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Xorothian Knight

”It's a bird.. IT'S A PLANE.. No! It's... a light-armored super soldier fighting weird shit with their swords while being covered in weird ghastly fluids”


Visual Characteristics

The armor consist of fully articulated armor pieces , that fits together , as the articulation were lighter, it still allowed the knights to move a bit more freely than with a complete armor. Designed to endure the piercing of the claws of the WorldEaters and their acid bile , the armor was named the Cralight , because of its creator, Craguel. A known scientist among the Xorothians. As it is part exoskeleton , they can run at 40 km/h as long as they have energy, provided by Plasther, they can withstand it for an atrocious amount of time.   The armor is white, covering completely the body, , with different thickness at different points. It has sheath at the waist, to hold the sword when they don’t wield it that is black, just like the sword.  



  The Xorothian Knights are equipped with an advanced exo armor, their equipment are made of medium range plasma swords, and a heavy armor, named the “Cralight” this armor is an alloy that allows the Xorothian Knights to fight in melee easier, as it enhance their strength and speed.  

Cralight Armor

  The armor consist of multiple plates that has been assembled together , on a suit made of Titanium alloy, chemical formula being Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al , covered of carbon nanotube woven, with a high presence inside the Xorothian System, the armor is actually pretty light for what it is made of, being around the 50Kg it has a thickness of 3mm at the finest parts, and 1.5cm at the torso, to protect at the best the wearer, while allowing him to move as much as he can, therefore , his back isn’t really protected, as the armor is pretty heavy to wear, the back of the armor, and the legs can be compared to exoskeleton as they lighten the weight of the wearer, to allow his back to rest a bit more, and his legs, so he has to furnish less efforts into moving, without slowing him down. The helmet is made of transparent titanium , protecting even more the face, without reducing his vision sight. Therefore , it allows the wearer to still breath, even on non breathable planets, while his suits protects the wearer from light hazard environments, making them pretty dangerous to fight against. The only con of the armor, is that , as it is an alloy, it is very vulnerable to acids, and so, the designers of the armor decided to add an acid proof paint, in order to protect the Xorothian knights from the acid of the WorldEaters.  
Mischiedixon Suit
Their undersuit is made of Carbon nanotube that has been woven, in order to protect the wearer from chocs and impacts that the armor wouldn’t absorb. The undersuit is known as the Mischiedixon , and is now the common undersuit for all the army of the Xorothian Empire.    

Inimicus Occisus

Their weapon are medium range plasma claws, they are generated from an electromagnetic field at the end of their hands, the claws are 25 cm long, at first designed during the great war against the WorldEaters, they were the first line of defence of the Xorothian against those creatures, as they were mostly melee fighters, the xorothian knights with the Cralight armor were able to withstand the power of the blow of the WorldEaters.   Theirs claws are actually an expansion of their metacarpal bones , their fighting style look like a fist fight a lot , actually, as their plasma claws beings at their metacarpal bones whenever their hands form a fists, the length of those plasma claws allow them to fight in medium range, and stay a bit safe from their targets , the weapon uses a different concept of the plasma swords Mortem, as the Mortem sword uses an electromagnetic field to maintain the plasma to give the illusion of a plasma claw, the Xorothian Knight’s claws, that are named the “Inimicus Occisus” are , in elvir, literally “Enemy killed” , due to their incredible efficiency. They are actually made of titanium, with some plasther in it, generating plasma around the claw, in order to increase the sharpness of the weapon.   They are retractable in order to be easier for the Xorothian to wield his sword.   But that was their emergency weapon.  

Mortem Sword and Aeternum Shield

  As a main weapon, they use a smaller version of the Mortem Sword, long of 1m60 , shorter, and with a lesser price, accompanied with that, they have a copy of the Aeternum shield, as the Primaris’s shield is very pricy, it was decided to change the materials that it was made of Jarnium, which was too heavy and pricy of Xorothian Knights, it was decided to be changed for the same alloy that made their armor, simply , the alloy Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al. Thanks to this Alloy, the shield weights around 10kg , for a perfect protection against projectiles.  


The Xorothian Knights are pretty numerous, as they are just a variant of the Inferno section, they are usually coupled with other Infernos squads, and Echani squads, to protect them from any harms, they act like protectors of smaller squads from melee fighters, and close quarter fighter.


Armor Fabrication and Costs

1 575 000 000 Cronas
75 000 000 Cronas is for the weaponry
500 000 000 Cronas is for the armor
500 000 000 Cronas is for the materials
500 000 000 Cronas is for the the electrical component and the energy  

Deployment ability

As they are pretty lightly equipped (Usually around 140 kg with all their equipment) , they can easily get into almost any military vehicle of the Xorothian Empire.
The upkeep is around :
225 000 Cronas
per year without fightings and can go up to
13 500 000 Cronas in the worst situation


The first version of the armor actually consisted of steel with a thickness of 2mm, but it was fastly abandoned as they saw the WorldEaters just teared apart the armor, until one day, the Titanium was discovered hard enough to resist to their strength, and thus, an alloy was created from Titanium, to be able to withstand the cold areas. And that’s how the current alloy was created .


The story behind the Xorothian Knights was , at first, an idea coming from the Empress, as the great war against the WorldEaters started, those creatures were mostly melee fighters, and it was very hard for the Xorothians to fight against them, as when they reached the melee, the inferno weren’t able to last against them, the project “Knight” was launched, creating an equipment to guarantee the ability to fight in melee against those creatures. At first, it was a simple exoskeleton and metal plates, but as the war lasted, the armor was constantly improved to get to the result we can see now.

Table of Content

  1. Overview
    1. Visual Caracteristics
    2. Functioning
      1. Weaponry
      2. Structure
      3. Upkeep
    3. Development
      1. Story

    Dates :

    Creation Date:
    Created in the year 1920 according to the Kharis calendar


    Full Sets Constructed:
    750 000 models are currently existing among the Xorothian Empire.
    Full Sets Deployed:
    250 000 models are deployed among the Xorothian Empire
    Full Sets Sold:
    5 models were sold in the whole Paranis Sector

    Zones of influence:

    They are mostly in the borders of the Xorothian Empire, where some planets are still a bit wild.



    The commander of the Xorothian Knight is an experienced primaris , that is one of the best of the Assault Primaris.


    Historically, the Xorothian Knights were used to be led by the Empress as she was one of the best swordswoman of the Empire, but after the primaris project accomplished and the birth of the first Assault Primaris, they took the lead of the Xorothian Knights

    Required Caracteristics

    They need to be high of 1m80 , and come from a military school, they mustn't have any health problem that could be a danger when they are in combat, such as heart problems , as they must be very athletic, and must have excellent swordsman ability , be reactive, and being able to handle multiple shock from shields .

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Author's Notes

Temporary Cover Artwork.

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