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The 35th Cycle

Edited & Created by RwyMoon & DarknessWrath

Cycles of Dagorath


Cycles of Dagorath are the name of Dagorath different apparitions through time. Originally only an onslaught on a little village, later on, other attacks were launched on the capital of Arignar beings." href="/w/stellaria-aeterna-rwbymoon/a/aferchites-article">Aferchites, like the first, but each time different. After the 2nd cycle, they have begun to doubt there was a sensation of deja-vu. Inhabitants and authorities needed time to understand the goal of those repetitive onslaughts, except that the being leading them always had differences by comparing with the preceding form.   After a time, everyone knew how powerful he was, and each time he came back, it was stronger and stronger. Each time, the land was seeming to flee when he hurls his coming. After the 15th cycle, people finally thought and at last were right, that all these onslaughts has only one goal: Test, with secondary objectives like evolve, and upgrade itself against everything. Arignar was a region touched by this threat, coming back like a parasite, killing to learn, dying to learn, and doing it again and again.  


  Dagorath had several changes since his creation, but we generally represent him as a large musculous wolf. During all his evolution, the main changes were on his skin, forming like scales, and became at the 35th cycle, a monstrosity of fur, with a thin and light exoskeleton, his claws became sharper, each time increasing its power, his paws were stronger each time, each time becoming stronger on his forearms and his back.   The 7th cycle showcased his power with Maginaa and Psi, in addition of the first Slugatha used as living armor/weapon by an Afernarian. The 15th cycle showcased a variation of the Slugatha on his back, seemingly specially made for him, in addition of an exoskeleton, regenerating at an escalating speed. During the 35th cycle, his look shown his will to kill, his presence means death, and his name finally creates fear in most Cipho's hearts.  
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Theoretical Growth of Dagorath.  

The 34th Cycle

  The 34th cycle is known to surely be the bloodiest cycle, and one of the bloodiest skirmish through history, loss were insanely high compare to Aferchites ones, at first they were few, but Dagorath was surely at his best moment, and slay through their ranks like cutting paper, until he fought Tyrteihaus. Him and his squad fought Dagorath, using ruse and diversion to got him.   This announced how hard will be the next.  

The 35th Cycle


  The plain was empty of wilderness, only campfires, whispers, laughs and torches were visible, the wind was pretty sick at this period of the year, some trees lost their leaves and branches, the grass was like a wave of green enlighted by the local moon. A little rain was also installed, on Odin's armor it was similar to applauses, and energy from their people encouraging them from their warm homes. They are waiting for something, a huge beef being cooked, and they are talking, from nothing and anything. Besides their encampment, Odin is watching, with Gungnir at his hand, waiting, staring at the bright horizon. Tyrteihaus is in his tent, preparing his weapons for the upcoming battle, Vidar is at Odin's side, without saying a word, and joining him in his survey. Far from here, a stampede of a thousand being is coming, some steps seems even heavier than Taurlik steps themselves, when all were silent for a second, a wolf-like howl emit from afar, echoed around them, being morally encircled, some clouds decided to pass before the moon, and within the little shadow in the horizon, a huuge wolf's shadow, marching, he's prepared, on his sides many Aferchites, from Aflings, to the strange Slugatha on Dagorath's shoulders and travelling on his body. Odin make one sound with Grungnir, a heavy metal step, and everyone is stopping what they were doing and prepare for the upcoming fight, and the rain decided to be heavier, like if the world cried for that event.  


Screams and shouts are surpassing all sounds, the rain and the wind are silent. Odin's fly with his drones alongside Vidar and Tyrteihaus with some troops, being stopped by few Aflings, Aferkrâak and a Taurlik on the way, but a piece of cake, Dagorath is slaughtering those who dare come close to him, with the Slugatha Musculi & Faculta, roaming on his back, they try to shoot Odin whose in medium fly. The fight is on 200m long and width, every camp has loss, Dagorath is smashing soldiers like worms, Odin's squad is trying to rush him, Tyr has Gleipnir on his left hand and on right cybernetic hand, Vidar prepare his double pistols and prepare a shield before him. they face few Aflings trying to block them, and all Slugatha are shooting at them, Dagorath throwing few soldiers on them and begins to charge, once in melee, the fight is going pretty quickly, Odin's drones are taking down slugathas on Dagorath's back, he spits acids around him and emits a huge psi explosion above Odin, which make him fall, destroying his drones on the same way. He's unconscious and Dagorath jump on his body, but he's pushed back by a manipulation of Gleipnir, Vidar goes near Odin and use some Psi to help him to awake. The troops accompanying them are dismembered with an ease, with blood and bones cracking and flowing, and decorating the plain, Odin uses his jetpack and then falls on Dagorath planting Gungnir into his neck, nearly blocking him, Dagorath will emit psi with his face and eject Odin, he then catch him with his tongue, keep him in his mouth, and acid are flowing his mouth and are like escaping from it, surely killing Odin. Vidar and Tyr are getting enraged, Tyr use his right hand to make an uppercut on dagorath chew, forcing him to throw Odin's remains, with a part of his armor destroy, he then uses Gleipnir and enchain him, beginning by his paws and encircling his back, Vidar shooting his face to prevent any action, after few seconds he's totally lied down. Tyr is keeping Dagorath chew open, Gleipnir preventing him from anything, Vidar enter and shoots all the bullets he has, both psi and real bullets, destroying some of his organs, he shouted with all the strength what remained from him and some Aferchites tried to reach him, stop by some survivors, Vidar used, Tyr screamed that he was close to break, Dagorath chew being stronger, Vidar fastly comes back, and stick out, we then hear Dagorath loudly breathing, and Tyr is weaken, Dagorath chew is closing in again, with his yellow eyes starring at them, Vidar pull Tyr from the mouth, but the chew being free, smash Tyr's upper body, hearing a huge crack from both his bones and his armor, Dagorath has fallen, his eyes are closing, and his breath being silent, Vidar is the only survivor of this group.    



After Dagorath's death, some Aferchites fled, with few being shot and another escaping, Vidar was counting the survivors and the dead. Dagorath's corpses has been cut, and burned, leaving black flames and his roar left in their minds. Odin's and Tyr equipment and corpses were taken back and bring to Oxelis to commemorate their acts.  


With Dagorath not coming back, everyone's make a huge party, which last all the night in the following year, even a challenge has been made for the one whose gonna have the most alcohol level in his veins. This party was known to be the greatest from Azignar, local Aferchites killed in the previous days were symbolically burned, and one minute of silence was placed for those who fell.  
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In the late night of Azignar
The World cries the upcoming battle
Odin and his squad waiting for the monster to rise
His howl encircling them, none escape is possible except death nor victory

Once engaged, blood and shouts are paroles
The beast slaughter soldiers like paper
None knows the battle outcome
And at last, they face the upcoming evil, face to face

Dagorath's gaze and claws face Odin
Odin is getting trapped and fel within the creature's maw, eaten by his acids
Tyr broke his chew and forced him to spit Odin's body
Tyr is in the creature's maw, Vidar infiltrating inside his body

Once inside, his heart is pierced with many bullets
He screamed and make his creatures coming back, destroyed by the squad remnants
At last Vidar he's out, but Tyr was stomped by his falling chew
Odinsson is alone, alive, but the dead flows the plains, the world sad for this bloodbath.
— Odin ad Dagorath


Date of Setting:22 June 1705
Length:3 hours 48 minutes
Start of Recording:23 June 1705
Kharis Loss:62
Aferchites Loss:6001

Place Holder - Square
— Map of Arignar


Originally, the Cycles of Dagorath were a local legend for a lot of people, but it rapidly escalated on the interplanetary aspect after the 6th Cycle (22 June 893), when Pure Kharises from Foruch came on Cipho the 7th Cycle (22 June 921). It became later on a lot more known during the 34th and 35th Cycles who ascended into the Drazonnian Pantheon the Dagorath cycles, Dagorath himself, Tyrteihaus, Vidar and Odin (Which was already in it)

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The never-coming 36th cycle of Dagorath also gave a typical expression: "To wait for the 36th", simply meaning that someone will wait forever for an awaited event that will never happen.
i.e.: "Will you seriously wait for the 36th for her? Stop doing that, it's useless."

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Author's Notes

Yes, we took the theme (Of the Death of a Legend Challenge 2019) in a very specific angle: The legend is born by the several deaths of a creature and numerous people which is all but good habitually. I hope you enjoyed how we reinterpreted the theme and if you see, all our inspirations :p

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