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Written by Ruption Shine(dA).
Edited by RwbyMoon.

Spyn (a.k.a. The Fiery Eyes, The Demon.)

Adaptation of Spyn, an original character created by Ruption Shine, related to the Slendytubbies series.


Physical Features

Lanky Slebie with glowing yellow-orange flame-like eyes and a trident-shaped antenna. His height and appearance in general makes him distinguishable, making him also the tallest Slebie to exist. Spyn is abnormal, meaning he have malformations that give him a rather unsettling appearance compared to others. He has long claws and long arms. His fur is soft-orange, his skin is pale and he wears grey boots. His chin is incredibly long and pointed, and his orbits are stretched, which make them flame-like. He also has two canines in his lower teeth row. He is right-handed and has a way of walking that does not seem natural, which is also the case for most of his idle poses.  


Spyn is pretty smart, observer and strategic. He develops plans with his associates, which often leads to know how to capture and kill powerful and experienced Slebies. He is hardly angered. He likes the dusk time and the landscapes of Kelioporia. He likes to watch the landscapes, especially at dusk. He also take strolls to wild areas of the land. Sometimes, he goes around the villages. He dislikes rainy days and most of the Slebies.   Spyn is mentally unstable, since he is indifferent to what he sees, and smiles at almost everything even when it's about watching Slebies being dismantled or tortured to death. He is however still sympathetic and empathetic at some points. The reason of this mental disorder may come from his silent and isolated childhood, as he never saw anyone else than his parents.   Sympathetic in appearance and in the way of talking, calm, patient. He is at first shown to be almost friendly. However, this part hide his inner insanity that he generally shows when angered, something that rarely happens. The way he stares at everything with a constant smile, even the most awful things, shows that he is not sane.  

Social Aspect

He doesn't hate his parents because they were taking care of him, hidden from the population. However, he don't have a big bond with them and don't want to see them again after his departure. Respected by his partners, feared by the Red and Yellow Slebies but more in the appearance and presence. He remains mysterious to the other tribes. He has a normal language and often talk with his head a little forward or upward.  


He wants to be accepted and recognized as a normal civilian, instead of being seen and treated like a monster. He thinks that all of the abnormal Slebies must be accepted in the Slebie race instead of being rejected and considered as monsters. He will terrorize the Slebies race until showing at their leader what are his motives.    


He has access to Stage 3 Grimmis, mainly in a brute use. Good at making plans and making damages. Less active when it's about capturing preys or attacking.  


Early Life

Born due to a relation between a Yellow Slebie father and a Red Slebie mother in Kelioporia, a rather worrying malformation occurred at birth. Spyn have been raised in discretion in silence. He received a normal education which is why he is the most reasonable outlaw. Scared that others see him as a monster, his parents decided to raise him secretly. When he became a young adult, in 2381, he disappeared from his home without saying a word and never came back.   The same year, he wandered in a wild and arid area of Kelioporia and found the tiny remains of The Asteroid. These debris contained the corpse of someone able to generate Stage 3 Grimmis. He absorbed it with his antenna but, imprudent and due to the instability of energy, a few of the Grimmis entered his eyes, explaining why they are glowing and yellow-orange in color.   He began to wander around the territory of the Red Slebies, where he was born, for a long time. Some residents said they saw fiery eyes glowing far away in the forest. Few say they have seen his figure. In 2398, he burned an entire dwelling, and its inhabitants at the same time, using his Grimmis, in which he has poor control. Since then, the Red Slebies have started to think of him as a bad spirit.   In 2407, he wandered around the isolated mountains of Kelioporia, a surface composed of beautiful landscapes but unfortunately considered as "Cursed" due to "Monsters" inhabiting it. Scared of nothing and fairly able to defend himself from anything, he met twins, who have a rather monstrous appearance and wild behavior. It's the first time he saw Slebies like him, with an abnormal appearance. The twins seemed to have the same feeling even though they tried to attack him at first. He created a partnership with them.      

Chief of The Rejected

After have met a pair of other Slebies who were like him, monstrous-looking and isolated from the rest, he started to wander everywhere in Kelioporia to eventually encounter more Slebies with an abnormal appearance or behavior. He currently live in Kelioporia, in a cabin from the isolated mountains.   Due to his height, his intelligence and his Grimmis, he is considered as the leader of the outlaws and named the group "The Rejected" due to most of them being rejected, feared or humiliated because of their appearance.   ...

Current Location
Kelioporia, Red Slebies territory
Biological Sex
Date of Birth: 2343   Outlawed since:2398   Height: 2.25m   Weight: 115 kg  

Used Weapons Seen :

Claws, Grimmis  


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