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[...] Ladies and gentleman, today's objectives are already clear in your mind. Your rest gave ya ideas and wisdom about your mission. Those who goes in expeditions know their missions, those who stays also knows their jobs, and remember, the Order brings peace and balance to the sector, and sometimes needs to work with those we don't appreciate, it can happen, but we must do it nonetheless as we are the Omen of the sector ! Have a good day and good luck for your missions !


A secrete and powerful organization led by Fyeröjn to keep balance in the Paranis Sector while potentially inadvertently digging imbalance in power throughout the world. The main missions are intern concerning factions but can be also called to reduce tensions between factions, local or international, it mainly happens with Afernarians with local populations, helped by the Primentis Front in term of military use of their members.     

Group Mindset

Based on volunteering. It accepts every kind of person but all must be something unique and strong. From background, ambitions, the reasons to join the organization, but mainly the capacities which can break balance in sector for the better good. They are the most called by the Primentis Front as their members are stronger than most of their members.  

Eminent Members

Hermès: Second of Fyeröjn, having Omnifeus origins, Hermès is known to be one of the quickest being in Paranis Sector and excess in diplomacy with every kind of person including Primentis.

Other Known Members

Doppelsödner: Basically one creature from the mysterious Doppelganger race, raised by some Afernarians, he's known to be a shapeshifter and a very strong spy thanks to it. In combat, he can also use this ability to gain the advantages of the races he can morph to. None knows exactly how he can "unlock" the capacities, as the race is kept in secret in a way.
Banshee Her name code refers to the Bannishe, known to use their voice as a weapon. She's a Pure Kharis with insane zone control capacities, along her psi and waves. Her real name is unknown, but many rumors says that she could be linked to Charybde.


Each member possess insane capacities, those capacities can be badly turned despite their good intentions as collateral damage, or being accused of free privilege as the organization is beyond laws, their ideology make them focus on their targets, and can happen that they don't give any attention to the damage besides, being to fanatic on this ideology.

Known Eminent Actions

Charybde is a major case within the organization and gave several problems. Being on its own on Oradora, he was several times called by the organization to join them but he always refused. This refusal created tensions with some members who wanted him at all cost, and created several fights there, and because of this he became hostile with everyone. Besides him, several groups of people were affected, it also counts for Afernarians, the most known example are Olkor, Janhella and Pnökkelkir who were huge threats even for them during Ragnarök       
Y'know what's pretty funny about these insane peaks of power ? That there's a lot of theories on their weaknesses. And I really think there must be some key ones. I know that their action on @char

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