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Portals of Growth

Lladalan is a very large inhospitable area, composed of two main regions, Freïstjar, only composed of ice and having a top mountain where ice remains forever, as Viorgangard, is only made of molten rocks looking like concrete, with some hills where the ground spits lava or gas. The top mountain is made like a huge volcano with 2 huge chimneys on its sides, the frontier between those two regions prosper the a Portal Of Growth, a huge ring-like portal, where Psi and Grimmis constantly comes out of the portal as its aspire nearby energies, whatever their origins, these portals are abominations and were discovered on Erebos publically, as one is located on Arrhein, but was publically said long after that located on Lladalan.


Each Portal of Growth zone have quite similar sizes except few exceptions, generally, their effects are on approximately 3 km range, but less present the farther you are. As you stay near, you can see what happen on the other side, represented with a flux silhouette, only working for living beings in a 100m radius near, and showed to the other portal where the actual portal is connected. The Portal also aspires living beings energies and redistribute it to other beings in the same space where the portal can have its effect, prioritizing micro-beings. The Fluxian Edelweiss is also a priority for him, so culture are highly developed near their effect area.  

Natural Aspect

The general zone looks like a plain, with a red & blue aura roaming around its area of effect, more intense as you go closer to the portal. The energy they steal is as equally distributed as possible to microscopic beings and plants living nearby in priority, giving an ambient atmosphere of luxurious environment, similar to Helviackeem aura. Fluxian Edelweiss is the only natural plant that lives near those portals whatever the environment if those zones were on jungles or cultures, the biodiversity and production could be multiplied by a dozen.


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Artificial Aspect

With the TIL and the Aferchites managing together how the zone is gonna be managed, and with help of nearby inhabitants, they modify the nearby environment near the portal to lay huge spaces of cultures, water growing to avoid famines or shortages. For this Aferchites created specific types of cultures, like Glutton's Potatoes, RAM Potatoes and RAM Corn. Note RAM = Rich & Aferchites Modified), which are part of the modified cultures for this type of place.

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For the Aferchites but mostly Afernaza, the interest is to understand more how works those portals to upgrade even more how to feed his race, but generally, its also the curiosity of what we could discover even more strange and great in the futur, within Erebos or outside, what's even strangest thing can be discovered ? Authorities survey it with a very open eye, the known effects are still countable on a hand, but we surely not discover all possibilities surrounding it. The culture aspect is surely the most rentable aspect linked to the Portals of Growths.  
Now, we'll not have raids of Melenis Guardians on our village, allied again to face a common ennemy, to free ourselves from these attacks, but now, its even better, the portal that we discover gives us fruits and eatables products so fast, we can make eat everyone without importing everything, and its surely a good point. But now, we need to discover what can hide those portals.
Sartaüst old local, about the 1896 Raid

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— Part of Sartaüst Portal of Growth

On Erebos, "Floor" -1

• 923 763.5km² of Portal of Growth • ‭424 931,21‬km² Used  
Approximatively, plants are 6x more productive and faster to grow in a Portal of Growth. This does not include the fact that most plants used are genetically-modified version via Essentia, by Afernaza.

Population on Erebos in the 3 City-States

  • Sartaüst:~113mil inhabitants
  • Crystcocyte:~35mil inhabitants
  • Elthera:~103mil inhabitants


At Eltheira northern influence zone, deep into Freïstjar, an 8m icy stalagmite lays, named Picharörd, this place was discovered thanks to its Portal Of Growth just within the stalagmite. The sides were chiseled throught out the years to make it even prettier that its natural look. In 1950, a Kharis bought a 20m surface on it and live here since then. As within Viorgangard, a place named Gorgordheim, which is sadly known for its ghostly town, destroyed by Ipcürt'Ahkar in 1795. The town begun to be a town where all people from any colonies could live within, near of the most calm places within Viorgangard, before its destruction it was named Al'Erion, which can be translated to "hope" in ancient Kharis. The nearby Portal Of Growth was within a nearby cave, where the hard climate is literally silenced surrounding the area, only few houses ruins remains and a beginning of a tower in the towncenter.        
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  Maps of the different Portals of Growth on Erebos.

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