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Nera Belfort

Created by DarknessWrath


Physical Features

She's 1.72 meter tall with thin and lightly corrugated dark blond hair, reaching the middle of her back. Unless what we could think about her, she's not that weak and can defend herself. She's always armed with her sword, named the Slayer, the only thing that Afernaza always feared, and her 3 weapons looking surarmed, but like it in a way strangely.  


When you don't know so much about her Sometimes you would think that's she's doing the contrary of the opinion you had about her. She can be kind and few seconds later, decapitate an Aflings who asked nothing. Thinking as a weak, innocent or infantile person is just the top of the icerberg, inside her she has a huge rage against Afernaza about what he've done to Sancta and the Evhunters. She's unpredictable, like Eugene Leblanc her uncle had a discussion with Emelgiblis about her, and even him can't truly figure her out, he knows about her a bit unstable behavior. Seeing her kind be destroyed by Afernaza while being a child, can traumatize you, or create an eternal revenge thirst which burns. Besides those bad points, she's curious, smart, faithful, with the heart on her hand, except if its concern Grimms. Few Evhunters thinks that with the past events, she gives a little light on the others heart, despite the loss that she supports being a kid.


She trained herself to be capable of fightning Aferchites, also capable of dealing with energy manipulators as the Chained Ones can be. She trained herself to use her sword with perfection, and can use weapons and handle the recoil as much as a strong man. Besides this, she's the Iridium Telistis, but she can't truly use it as much as Raiden Belfort can. When she could control it and use it efficiently, she could have another weapon in her arsenal.  


Born in March 2455, from Agartha Belfort and Thomas Belfort, she's the last of her siblings, with Raiden Belfort as the elder, and Nhaia Belfort a bit older as Nera. But she didn't know them at all, they both fall during the war.

Early Life

She was raised in a conflict environment, between her father who needed to go for days or weeks to defend Insomnia or what remain of it. She only know that she had 2 older siblings, but flee to be in security, later she learned that they were both dead, but do not know a thing about their both resurrections. In the end of the war, she flee with her parents, Thomas almost lost his legs, and lost vision on one eye. In 2462 Agartha died from a flash cancer, while Thomas died 5 years later for an unknown purpose. Her uncle raised her later on with the help Evhunters remnants.


When she was 2 years old she wanted to see how the world was, but sadly, Aferchites and War was the only thing seenable, with most of the Ansvalaï forests destroyed, nothing was truly beautiful could be seen. She wanted to left many times the camp to discover, even when it was time to leave and the Consortium and the Travelers came to help, she still wanted to discover where she was born, she could not time counted, and Raiden with few volunteers did everything they could to permit them to flee safely, destroying part of the buildings to stuck the Chites within the streets or slam them with the same buildings.

As a Belfort

Being a Belfort is the legacy of a very old grudge for Afernaza to them, being imprisoned and torture as a laboratory rat gives him the same rage as Nera feels today. But she told what how she felts about possessing the Belfort name:
I can't tell you if possessing the name is a burden, but a name remains a name, and it can be changed, it can be turn to change minds, the following actions i'm gonna make will surely change the minds of those who still call me by my family name instead of my first name. And they gonna pay for this
— Nera talking to a CSUN contact

In the 13th Korlean

The 13th Korlean was a huge fight in space, where many names that all knows were present and confrounted. She was in the Redeemer, with Emelgiblis, Leblanc, from Evhunters side, with Zhar'Dark, Afernaza Nyon, Xia'Ios, from Grimms side, Hel'Ios, Pok'Rias, Arcquenciel, Vale Bradfort for the Priases, versus the one named "The King" by the Grimmz, and Sîanar, an old Afernaza could who wants his indepency and total control. He possessed the Jörmugandr the first Grimms Star Class ship. They make diversion with the Redeemer and helped while shooting the "King", but needed to fall back, few kilometers afar, because of the exposition.

Iridium Telistis

She know that she's a Telistis since she is 15 years old, but she did not train herself to control it, Emelgiblis try to help her, in addition of helping the Evhunters in general.


Date of Birth:2455/b]


Weight:48 kg
Hairs:Dark blond

Languages Talk:


Used Weapons Seen :

The Slayer: Her sword, given from generation to generation. Blower: Her Shotgun Lil'Rain: Her Submachine Gun


Leading Evhunters

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