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Lamiya Survive [Q&A]

Created by DarknessWrath


2 persons on Lamiya, after the fall of the planet by the Mutants try to survive in the surroundings of Barda, a city lightly harmed by them. Qalantar Dezal, 25 years old, rookie in the former local army, followed by an ol’friend, Avar Lijak, 27 years old, ancient owner of a jewelry.

  The little team is nearby Barda, a city which is the safe bridge between this city and Kularu, one of the safest zone remaining. They decided to help those who were coming in and wanted to reach Kularu, they’re positioned within Aval’s Jewelry, or what’s remains. They were making the inventory of their last expedition near the High Piks, a little group of mountain in the west. They are checking silently what they possess, making some noises while checking their bags, and their shelves. While checking Qalantar raise his head and stare at Avar with a strange look.

  QALANTAR : If we travel once more, we must keep more things here, my bag becomes to be more huge that the shelve possess.

Avar thinks few seconds while sorting his loot

  AVAR : Maybe, go make a sortation about it, my bag can be stack up for more actually. By the way, do we have news about Silapse situation ?

QALANTAR : We don’t, and i’m worried about it, if this safe place fall, Kularu will be the remaining safe place.

AVAR : Safe with many quotes

they w QALANTAR : Sure, but still that we are safer in both cities than Artelapse or Sliteïa.

Qalantar answered with both mocking and serious air.

  QALANTAR : You forgot Asigamasa, which is the Z0.0 of the infestation.

He then stood up, and put back the excess of the shelves. He was also checking the food supplies within the homemade fridge which is a aluminium based kind of box, with ice in it, which can be closed easily.

  QALANTAR : We’re fine about food nonetheless, but we must be careful anyways. He shows the water bottles. We lacks of water we must go to the lake.

AVAR : You know that we don’t have enough ammo to destroy all those Mutants in place.

QALANTAR : We don’t need it, just attract them in a trap, plus many just sink, contrary to us, we can swim, sure not for eternity but still a advantage to remind some times.

Avar speaks to him with a mocking air

  AVAR : Few people knows it by the way, unfortunately, Mutants continues to be numerous, how long they fucking live, who propagate this.

The tone rised up.

  AVAR : Afernaza did it for sure, you saw the hive in the north ?

QALANTAR : If he wanted to destroy us, he would not let us survive, and reassemble.

AVAR : Maybe he has a plan ?

The tone begins to calm down.

  QALANTAR : We can’t know if he have one.

AVAR : We can’t know, we are alone, our neighbors let us here, and CSUN left all of us for dead.

QALANTAR : Do we have everything stocked ?

AVAR : I’m thinking so.

They are making last checks and hide their supplies within the building, abandoned and in first view, with nothing inside. When outside, the atmosphere is grey with dark clouds, the sun is hidden by the clouds, letting a green-yellow light to bypass the sky. Everything around them is like pure, without a pitiful humanity presence, no building, nor road. It was destroyed by time and nature is turning the tide. There are some ashes flying and spreading, leading to think that the volcano is the south has in a way uses his ammo. A bit further in the opposite side of the road, a forest, with 2 trees which begins to grow on the road, we can also see blood trails on the trees and on the road.

While walking near the lake, they were verifying few details.

  AVAR : How many ammo do you have on your AP-3 ?

Qalantar checked, pulling off the security and took off the loader, counting

  QALANTAR : 22 bullets apparently, and you ?

AVAR : 15, we’re quite fine, we still have our machetes if really needed, I’m thinking that we could take some adhesive and do it to create a bayonet, but we don’t have any adhesive.

QALANTAR : Maybe in our next expedition, we’ve got plenty of food by now, except the lack of water we’re fine.

They are near the lake, 20 steps are needed to be in range, they advance slowly and silently, they’re staring each other, without hearing a noise, they continue to approach, weapons ready to shoot. When they are 2 steps near the lake, they notice that they are corpses within the lake, and some dark red blood mixed up within the water. They stare once more at each other, looking back to the body within the body which disappeared. They are falling back and they can hear noises within the wood in front of them, they recognizes the sounds, a mix up of human scream and an animal one, Qalantar looked at his friend and almost shout :

QALANTAR : Sanguinars are coming.

AVAR : Let’s run before we get caught .


They are falling back in a safer place, not that far from the lake point of view, both of them are breathing rapidly with their mouths, sweaty, ready to shoot, like an hunter waiting his prey on his sight, While taking back their breath the screams disappears.

AVAR : Where did he go ?

QALANTAR : Personally i don’t really want to know, Sanguinars goes in packs and I don’t want at all to have a pack of them in front of me.

A little drop of saliva arrives upon Avar’s hairs, feeling water on his head ?

AVAR : Is it raining ?


Avar looked upon his head, and saw the Sanguinar on the tree upon them waiting, arms on the branch crouched, with a kind of predator smile on his face, his eyes shining red, but with missing iris. Avar panicked and shot at the Sanguinar which jumps on him, missing 5 of his bullets, the last one penetrate the head of the Sanguinar which falls off like a potato. Avar is almost crawling and panicking while other Sanguinars screams are hearable from afar.

They were running back, until getting in a safe place within the trees and have a good view on the lake. After a little moment, gunshots can be heard from them, all surrounding Mutants were attracted and were hearable from afar. Both stared at each other and started to run for help. They escaped quickly, but safely to the other side of the lake and entered the trees, while running they still hear gunshots and mutants screams.

They saw on the trees the Sanguinars leaping on the trees and going on the sounds origins. Arrived they saw a group of 10 peoples, encircled, two of them possess 2 with huge guns, which seems machine guns from far. Few of them are fighting with bats, knives, machetes, and one with a sword.

Qalantar and Avar intervened and shouted to attract few mutants, they attracted the Sanguinars to them and passed throughout the mutant’s ranks to join the survivors.

AVAR : No one is wounded here ?

HUMAN :We’re quite fine for now, where do you come from ?

AVAR : Barda…

Qalantar stopped his friend and shout.

QALANTAR : Let’s talk later we got boys to put down !

HUMAN : With pleasure !

They shot, cut, then shot again the mutants but more were coming, and after seconds, the sound became silent. A black smoke ran and dashed through mutants killing them and slicing them in half. The group was following the black smoke like spectators watch the ball in Active Energetic Tennis games. They catched back their mind and started back to shoot again, while few are bashing mutants apart, another scream is hearable near, but everyone knows that it’s more dangerous than Sanguinars.

Few trees were getting smashed and an Horror appeared ; huge mutants beings with augmented human muscles and bones, with the upper part of their spine out of the skin, with a bone mace. It was accompanied by what we calls “Spidas”, humanoids with the spine out of their skin, forming a shape like a spider, easily hearable with their “toc toc” sound made by the bones while “crawling” or simply walking. They are easy to defeat, but the horror is much more resistant, Qalantar and Avar both shout :

Q&A: Out of ammo, we’re in trouble !

Then the black smoke dashed on the creature, which let him reveal himself. A Grimms, with a double shaped green scythe, with shining pink eyes, and a cape, which seems to look like a smoke cape. At first, they were all surprised but they helped him to finish the Horror, which he decapitated easily with his energized weapon, while the horror slam the ground, head first, he remained on his head. The Horror dead, the remaining mutants fleed.

AVAR : What the hell does a Grimms do here ?

The Grimm cleaned up a bit his cape with few hits with his hands.

GRIMMS : I follow the orders to stop that mess, that you can’t even clean by yourself.

Qalantar approached angry of those paroles, but was stopped by the Grimms.

GRIMMS : I’m not here to harm you at all, if i wanted to kill ya’all, you’ll be already dead. Anyway, anyone is hurt ?

QALANTAR : I suppose not.

One man of the group advanced himself, showing a wound on his leg, opened and infected.

GRIMMS : Lemme check it.

The Grimms crouched and checked the wound with a pinkish Grimmis cloud.

GRIMMS : You’re wound is kind of severe, but none parasite has entered your body for now. I will clean that before one of those crappy things get into your body. But I must aware ya, the pain will be insane, because you humans can’t create or stock energy, so you’re probably gonna scream the hell.

WOUNDED HUMAN : I’m...I’m ready.

His face shown a huge fear, with a little sweat drop running down his forehead, his mouth is formed like someone whose fear to see a monster within his nightmares, while the Grimms approach the pinkish cloud of his mutilated skin. When the Grimmis entered in contact with the skin, the man shouted his lungs and almost fell down, his arms were on Qalantar and one man’s shoulders, while he screamed and breathed rapidly. The Grimms was looking very concentrated, and the man was moving like a fish outta water. GRIMMS : Try to not move or i’ll fail something and you’ll be a Grimmz within hours.

He laugh silently


GRIMMS : You must, or you’ll be a mutant in few days.

WOUNDED HUMAN : I...I’ll try…

GRIMMS : Just do it, you don’t have the time to try !

While, the group was staring at him worried, a young girl hide her face within her mother arms, and one man which seems to know the wounded guy, gave him a tissue and put it in his mouth. The wounded was crying and shouting of pain, after few minutes, the Grimms sights.

GRIMMS : Your leg is very infected, i don’t know how many times she could resist, many you must be amputated, don’t worry i can create a robotic leg for you if i got the materials. You all must decide the decision to take, i can heal him, but its only knock the hour, and maybe a day a parasite will go in his wounds and infect him.

The man tries to advance, his head red as a tomato, hiding his pain.

WOUNDED HUMAN : Cut it. If it’s really necessary.

The Grimms sights once more, and began quickly to appreciate that group, letting a smile a bit appearing, but not of sadism, of compassion.

GRIMMS : Are you sure ?

WOUNDED HUMAN : Y...Yes i am ! Just do it ! They’re no tries right ?

The grimms laugh a little bit, appreciating this sentence return.

GRIMMS : Fine, prepare some tissues to avoid a hemorrhage.

The 5 people surrounded him, the grimms took his scythe, from the most sharped part, targeting all the wounded parts, take a long breath and cut it.
The man screamed even more louder at a point that peoples were almost feeling his insane pain through his screams. The Grimms surveyed around, took the leg and cut it in few parts and thrown it in the woods.

GRIMMS : We must do it quickly, Sanguinars can come soon. Prepare your weapons in case it happens.

They were using their tissues to engulf the hemorrhage. Qalantar and Avar prepared their weapons and spoke a bi loudly.

AVAR : If i knew I would be aside a Grimms, at least i’ve seen everything before dying

The Grimms turned his back for few secs and speaks in a mocking tone.

GRIMMS : You already want to die ? The party only begins ! If you’re done, we must go, before we get surrounded, the corpses will attract them, so you’re blood…

They are quickly taking him shoulder in shoulder, and walks safer than before, Qalantar and Avar accompanying them.

QALANTAR : So where you come from you and your group ?

The amputated guy speaks for them.

AMPUTEE : I took them from a village near Sliteïa, it’s been weeks that we walk, hopefully we still have enough food and water, but we are in lack of rest, and you two ?

AVAR : We were nearby Barda, we are installed here, helping those who wants to go to Kularu, i suppose it’s where you want to go ?

AMPUTEE : Yu...Yup.

QALANTAR : And you Grimms ?

GRIMMS : I’m in a mission, but we were two, my brother in arms dies while saving other humans, which probably didn’t see us; we killed many thousands of them, but they still are here, the Aferchites are quite sleepy on this planet, and hopefully though.

He put his head down, like hiding something on his face, the wounded guy do a head movement and approached the Grimms, and gived a little hit on his shoulder with a hand.

AMPUTEE : He must be proud of you now, my friend.

The Grimms let a smile appear beyond his tears falling, his fists shaking and concentrated with strength.

QALANTAR : If i’m not too much curious, what happened ?

GRIMMS : I...was obliged to kill him, a Behemoth slam him down, and many parasites enters his body while he had his nose broken, I was able to see those things entering his body, I had to cut his throat...he...he just fell in my arms, and i burned him in the Northern Mountains, and buried him.

I took the gift he had for his daughter on Sorakarios, and I promised him to take it back to her, while my mission accomplished…

Qalantar have a moment of compassion and hit at his turn the grimms’s shoulder, the young girl which was hidden give him a hug, letting him laugh.

GRIMMS : I forgot that you humans can be comprehensive about pain, even for those you consider as monsters.

The wounded guy laughed strongly and talked back.

AMPUTEE : Depends of who you take as an example.

GRIMMS : Maybe.

Qalantar took back the parole

QALANTAR : What is your mission

GRIMMS : Help humans and if i can, kill the things controlling the mutants, if they are, or if they’re not, at least decrease the slaughter for humans. We are around 300 people from the Black Mist here, ordered by Zhar himself. I know that he knows that this mission was very dangerous and he told us how it will be, he gave to us a necklace letting us to communicate to each other wherever we are, but for now, we try to avoid it, many mutants can detect energy uses, they adapt themselves very quickly.

While the twilight had let the moon take her place, the group was walking in front of a sleepy sun and continued their discussion and walked until the night falls and get to their destination, no one knew what happened then.

A tale from Afilaria’Uka, Black Mist member sent on Lamiya.
Cover Twilight

Sanguinar : Mutants with reddish eyes and permanent death desires, even if it means killing other Mutants, they are easy to see and have almost no mutation, except their coasts which are vulnerable. They are the most dangerous with Behemoths, with their speeds exceeding 40 km/h, they can smell blood from hundreds of meters around, and usually when they find a prey howls like a wolf, but more primal and human.  
Behemoth : 4m gigantic mutant withhaving outgrowths on both sides of the body having a rather thick chitin, the only means to destroy it being to make a building fall on the head or to destroy it with anti-armored weapons.  
Horror : One of the most imposing mutants with its 2m50 height and a physique increased via mutation. They are generally stupid mutants, having rather imposing bone outgrowths in their back, reinforcing their back. They also possess larger than average teeth, not being able really to close its mouth without cutting itself, from where the fact that we hear it breathing from afar if it does not shout.  
Spida : Mutant having outgrowths in the back, being in fact its spine forming legs, the movement of the creature is done via mutation replacing its original spine, and strengthening the bones outside with light chitin, forming a kind of spider, but having free hands and legs. Can be compared to a type of Sceleratesse hybrid between humans and Arackness.

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