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Feathered Snakes

Written by : Wandzioch Formatted by : Benjamin Andula Artworks by :
Entities : Feather Snakes
Life Classification : 3
Estimated Population : More than 10^8 peoples.
Energy Used : Unable
Average Price : 123 571,8 Cronas.
Snakes of 60 centimeters, covered with shorts feathers covered into a secreted poison onto their scales and few fat pockets. Very resistant to extremely cold zones, commonly held as a pet by very rich humans of the CSUN or Evhunters.  
— Start of the Cybnios Data Base Entry about the Feather Snakes



Body Features

These snakes are not extremely long and but require great attention in life. They are dangerous and very fast, their shells are covered with feathers of different colors which shows their beautiful beauty to gray scales. Eyes are usually green or golden, sometimes there are exceptions with red eyes but it's because of the albino.

Albino Snakes have white scales, red eyes and their feathers are gray in color. The albino species is extremely rare and valuable, so many people try to catch and grow them.

This snake species is very intelligent and agile due to its construction, it can quickly catch the victim, their scales produce poison and feathers capture them and then the feathers are soaked with poison that they attack when they feel threatened. Snakes also have venom in the fangs that allow them to attack the victim and enemies.

The feathers are durable and valuable thanks to which people create different materials, decorations, jewelries and earn money from it. However, often these snakes are killed because of the value of feathers, the species of these snakes is now at great risk but can still breed these snakes which sustains their race, such a snake can survive for a long time.

Feathered Snake on Rock

Growth and Living Conditions

Like every snake, this breed is oviparous. The eggs of these animals are exceptionally beautiful, they're red colored in spots! The female snake egg laying consists of 70-75 eggs. Eggs are of medium size and they are usually buried underground because it's the best way to protect your offspring. Often the larger the egg, the faster the hatching of the individual, hatching takes only 2-3 months, it is a short time for such a snake but suitable for the species.
Feathered Snake Eggs
— Extremely rare nest of feral Feather Snakes, took on Pronoit by Achille Kokaria


These snakes usually consume insects,eggs or smaller mammals, if they are to attack larger prey and they only do it during defense. Their favorite dish is the eggs of different birds, young snakes are often yolk-fed what makes their feathers more beautiful. Adult mice large insects are the favorite food of adults. One mouse for an adult individual will have enough for a week and few insects per day are enough.

At home, the snake is a bit different on its diet, domestic animals can eat twice as much as wild snake so you have to be careful about it. Homemade can also be fed with eggs and some bigger meat. You need to feed them every day now, quantities depending on the age of the snake. Young specimens need to be fed every 5-6 days, older individuals 6-8 days and adult 8-15 days. The best diet for a snake are various insects which allow you to richly feed them, their blood making them younger and stronger. So that strong individuals of this species have the greatest opportunity to survive, they must eat as much as possible to survive a difficult period. If a young specimen of this species doesn't eat a proper portion of food, his feathers begin to fall off and after a few days he'll die. Parents often eat the body of their children if this happens.



Relation between Owner and Pet

As it was written, these snakes use poison to attack and defend, it can be easily distinguished. When the snake is upset, it coalesces into a ball hissing loudly. It then produces poison, it's feathers then become more yellow or green. If the snake is satisfied, its hiss is slow and quiet, so you can't be afraid of being bitten or poisoned by feathers. These snakes are usually calm and they don't attack without good reason. Tamed snakes are more calm and they rarely use poison from feathers. It's worth having such a snake from an egg, the tame snake needs a lot of light to heat and adequate food. You have to remember that this species of snake is very rare and you have to keep his disappearance. If the snake is proud, the feathers begin to look like a peacock, they usually do domesticated animals.

Proud snakes try to get the owner's attention, snakes do so when they are satisfied or have a desire to have fun. Playing with such a snake is a bit harder due to the construction of the snake and intelligence, the fun for this snake is even listening to music which is also the calming of such a snake. This kind of snake can be let out of the house to go hunting for animals, it works like a cat, it will always come back to home however, it is connected with the consequences. Domestic snakes must have a stable diet by the owner otherwise the snake can die, will be eaten by a larger individual, kidnapping by a buyer because their skin is very valuable and the pens are strong and resistant to any material.
Profil Feathered Snake
Genetic Descendants

Victor Forge

Victor Forge is a military of the CSUN, for years now, he has a Feather Snake. He's also one of the 7 Military Leaders of the CSUN. Its snake is one of the oldest snakes and the wisest ones, and a lot give it an intelligence equal to men. His snake is less colorful than the rest of this race, his feathers are gray-blue and eyes are dark green. The snake is a good leader and a favorite pet, often can help in missions, it's a helpful companion. Victor captured his egg in a cave underground and took him to his home. This snake is about 7 years old, however, he is very fast and clever for his age and it is helpful for his owner.

This snake took part in many missions and experiments, because of his skills it's existence can change the world. Many missions with his participation were successful, many such snakes are training

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Quick note: You can use the 'small' bbcode to make 10^8 actually look like... 108. :> This has so much detail in it, wow! It hardly feels like a summer camp entry. The art, especially, accentuates that. I don't even have any questions, I think you covered everything o_o

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This is actually really interesting to read! I liked it and I think the species is very unique.

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