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Following the genesis of the world, 3 Mains energies emerged from the Flux, but 3 deviants also appeared from these main energies.  

Psi emerged from the Flux into living beings.
Grimmis emerged from the Flux to living beings.
Magiinaa emerged from the Flux from living beings.

Because of this, it's impossible to have both Grimmis and Magiinaa, as they would erase themselves mutually, but also same thing between the Grimmis and the Psi, as the Grimmis will fight off the Psi. But on another aspect, the Psi and the Magiinaa can be together because they have a different place in our body.
— 18th Praetor, Arntodia'Doggu, from one of its first speech following its election.

Main Energies



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  The main energy, the energy which creates matter, the stars, the planets, nebulas, bugs, trees, light, even black holes, is a golden yellow energy. Few people can master this energy. The Daleneis were a good example of it, until their close extinction happened. This energy well used and if you got chance, can give you the Chronium Eye, seen by a kind of golden eye, permitting you to “see” all the possible actions in the future, its weakness is due to the fact that manipulated or non-visible entities can disturb the eye.  


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  The Psionic Energy, as well known as the "Psi", is the main energy of the world and is mostly used by Kharises. The Psi is generated naturally by peoples, like the Kharis with their Ritsotsei horns, or the Slebies thanks their protuberance on their head. It allows to do innumerable things like others energies, starting by possibly being an immaterial extension of the body. Psionic energy take the colors between the deep blue color and the 70% blue-composed teal.  


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  The black & white energy, and visible with its red spectre. Dumbs would easily comparate it to the Flux, and in a way, they’re not wrong, in a way it’s the opposite of Flux, it can’t truly create life, but can destroy it, or even bypass it. The Grimmis is unlike the other energies an energy with deeper classifications, actually under 5 "Steps", more or less generalists, and 2 "big deviations" from the 4th Step.    


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The Magiinaa : An energy more common and more reachable, is a purple colored energy, and contrary to the Psi and Flux and Grimmis, is not a natural energy and produce by the being. Mainly seen in non-human races, with Kharises apart. This energy is very versatile and permit the user to manipulate “elements”. The most common elements seen manipulated with Magiinaa are the aquamancy (water magic), geomancy (earth magic), but also the electromancy (thunder magic, which appears similar to some Psi and Grimmis spells) and self-defense abilities.    


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  The Graphilis is a technology based on the carving and the infusion of energies into matter through a meticulous way. It's easily one of the most influential technology of the world, and since the creation of the Screaming Blade it is something peoples want to develop even more further. The Graphilis is one of the slowest technology on development, as Graphilis Writers are extremely rare.


Notable Energy States

The Essentia is like the Maginaa as a conscientiously generated energy, but made of it and Psi. Combining Psi and Maginaa is extremely complex, as only few entities can use it or simply generate it properly, like Afernaza and Pok'Rias. It's generally considered like a variant of both Psi and Maginaa, whereas it's nearly a totally new energy.
The Anti-Grimmis like his name says is a very special Grimmis energy, it’s named like this because the colors are reversed if you try to see through it. It's mainly, or even nearly only used by the Scryns and Nyon their leader. His potential is not really known, since Scryns are rares in their own.
The Black Mist a mix of the second and fourth steps of the Grimmis that is used to assassination, or illusions, a night blue colored energy with a mist-like visibility. It also has easier manipulation when it's about touching the senses.

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Author's Notes

This article will be in the future enhanced with a summary of how to measure energies, and the Global System "unit" linked to it, to measure em.

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