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Die in the Kharis World

Post-Death in the Kharis World

  For the Kharises, funerals are based of the honor, and sometimes ranks, or the clans. Generally, when a lambda Kharis dies, family and friends are convicted like in humans traditions, except that the honor is much exposed compare to humans. A little summary of life of the dead is made by those who leads the funeral ceremony. At last the dead is buried within a coffin made with the family choice, with few decorations sometimes. Besides, many of the Kharises prefers to be burned then buried with their ashes or have their ashes thrown instead of being eaten by worms and others locusts underground.  


  For higher rank in Kharises, the funerals are larger, depending on the rank, the Praetor/Dozmosh would assist to the bury. If the dead was a general or a high ranked soldier or very good soldier, the Praetor/Dozmosh would make what he has done for his race, for his inhabitants, with the presence of many of his colleagues, which will take the coffin into the future grave, with a special decoration for bravery, courage, strength, honor or their charisma. For philosophers or artists, the funerals aregenerally with less people, family, friends, few guests and colleagues from the dead. The present people create a chain, from the coffin to the grave and make it ""roll"" until his final home.

For special people as Praetors or Dozmoshes, a planetary honor is made in tribute. Everyone can be seen in the funeral ceremony, but only few can approach the site of the funerals.  

As an example, for Archos'Vagal, the entire city of Sorakarios was out and invaded the streets silently, while the funeral cortege was going to the Archos Will, Aaznaèl'Shrar and Sadikro'Dark were in the crowd and walk until reaching the temple. Few Grimms which were in Pure Kharises cities saw many of them doing the same thing as the Grimms did on Sorakarios. Alic'Ia-Valina put a Aether Flowers, from the rose family, with red, pink red, or purple petals, and a Aligneïa Flowers on his grave. 3 years later a statue in his honour was done.

For Sadikro'Dark and Aaznaèl'Shrar on 1585, this time Dozmosh, Grimm, and Zhar -Their son- were on their funerals. Both the Black Mist and the conventional Grimms army were present, each representant of the clans were here too, with few of their members, a special Grimmz was invited, but had others affairs and sent an Apocanys, which was one of the first of her specie. Zhar'Dark used some of his Grimmis to put both of their coffins, in the ground, in the mausoleum near the Archos will, where very important people are buried. Their names were engraved in a special stone on the Archos statue, were their names with their respective colors are still visible today.


The Duality Mortuum
The Duality Mortuum, into Thodyz'Orgha/Hole-In-Water. Place of rest of Korea'Cos and Aneant'Yr.

For Korea'Cos funerals, everyone could be present, Aneant'Yr and the Praetor of that time were both present, Aneant'Yr put his left knee and his right fist on the ground in sign of honor, the Praetor put his two knees on the ground. After this, each Grimms repeated the posture that Aneant'Yr made, and Pure Kharises did the same as Praetors did, Humans follows their postures. Aneant'Yr wanted personally to put the coffin in his grave, accompanied with the Praetor and few Antique Spears, followed by a queue of followers, from both Kharises and Humans. Aneant'Yr funerals were different, because he corpse was never founded.


Grimms Clans

  • The Akar clan has the habit to bury members in a mausoleum, important members are buried in the Manor Headquarters, within the back garden. During those funerals, warriors are invited and during those funerals, Akar peoples have their war clothes on them, and with the Akar leader, his battle armour, while his/her partner possess a special tunic/dress for it. In the end, the Akar leader cross his energetics blades in front of his chest, repeated by the warriors aligned within his sight rank by rank. The coffin is generally black, with red or oranges motifs on it, showcasing a particular trait of the deceased.
  • The Ios clan funeral tradition is simple: before the funeral, each member which is part of the Black mist must create a little cloud, and that cloud will follow a straight road until the grave with the coffin. The others are forming ranks one in left side, the other on the right side, bowed head, fist to fist with repeating few words for the deceased. In the end, the coffin is in the grave, and the Black Mist used create a kind of firework thing, outgoing from the grave, creating spectaculars forms. Deceased coffins are black, with shiny green motifs showcasing his best quality in society and in family.
  • The Sôr clans use a white coffin in refined marbre, with teal decorations on the sides, with some red, green or pink motifs, the coffin is larger than the others and surely heavier than the others. At the end of the funeral, clans manipulator create a special Grimmis structure surrounding few Secrianis stones (30 cm tall generally for clans members)surrounding the grave , and create a ethereal structure for the deceased which last sometimes an entire week. The secrianis stones are supplied every year.
  For the non clan members, its depends of their choices, sometimes closed to Pure Kharises or humans funerals, or creating special ceremonies.

Grimm turned in 2285, the Grimms name was in his honour, to what he've done, he went in battle during the 2nd Great War, lost one eye, lost few ribs and a part of his left leg was totally crushed. As for Archos, the army wanted to recreate the situation, the integrity of the Grimms army did the same road as Archos cortege made, accompanied with Zhar, Nyon, another Grimmz representative was present, this time a being called Turilefen. He was buried in the mausoleum and Zhar personally create a Grimmis "show" like a kind of funeral fireworks. Grimm name was added in the Remembrance Stone, in a bloody red writing.

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