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P** C* (Nom qui vient du panthéon Drazonnien--Originellement en référence au fait qu'Athena soit dans ce monde représentative d'un truc.)  


  Athena is a planet actually lived by Priases, named after a Drazonnian goddess. Why? For its marvelous orchards full of olive trees that fill in a large part of the first discovered continent of the planet; Athenee.  

Geology & Geography



Deeper informations : Athene Just like the planet itself, this large continent taking 40% of the planet upside the equator is an important and extremely dense olive trees orchard. From this, it has been quickly colonized by the CSUN to export a gigantic amount of olive products, mainly olive oil, branded "Wisdom", still in Athena's reference.  


Deeper informations : Tricrates Basically,  


Deeper informations : Poliorov More than a direct obvious continent, this one has been clearly defined as it in 1873 by Conrad Poliorov, a geologist that lived during the start of the Reforging Period on the planet. By working on the tectonic plates, he also discovered big veins of minerals, but also interesting and odd formations, that held a Melenis Artifact. This continent is composed of 127 islands and 3  




(All about what's living there generally, in a short summary)  


(Deep details on it, who's there, and were there people before ?)  


(All savage things, going from insects, to plants to big elefants.)  



All start a day

A priori

(All the thoughts, myths, legends bound to this planet, before the real start of operations on it. So it take also all common believes, like its composition, atmosphere, if we could do something there..)  

First Rover/Bots Reports

(All about what they discovered, from who, to who)  

Start of Interest

(Essentially, how the governments or people with informations on it started to take interest into this planet, or what's near (Another planet of interest ? Strategic zone ? Composition ? Resources ?)   [If there is more to develop, add more. Clearly don't forget to add new headers !]

Star System:



First Sends:
First Colonization:


Revolution on Itself:
Revolution around its Star:

Interesting Aspects

(May it be resources, emplacement, zone, influence, icon aspect (like space rush to the Moon iRL)..)

Atmosphere Composition

  • ...

Main Cities:


Major Factions Present


      Endemic Influent Factions

      (All minor factions, like regions, influent groups, economical groups... only existing on this planet.)

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