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Written by DarknessWrath
Edited by RwbyMoon

You named me Deathbringer, but the only thing i bring to you right now is the fear that i create in you, and you become guilty about things you've done, and guilty about things that you must have done, and those you want to do. I'm not the Deathbringer, i'm just ringing the bell to call her
— Aaznaèl about (insère qqn au pif)


Aaznaèl was a kharis woman, later on Grimms. She's known for her divine assassination, her ideoly and her importance within the Grimms creation. She was an icon of feminity, and nowadays she remains a name that we whispers within the stars.

Physical Features

She's 1.74 meter tall, a bit taller than the average Kharis at that time. She had thin but powerful arms, a naturel helmet forming a little moon from behind, looking like a collar if you face her. She possess few wounds on her face, near her mouth, forming a kind of glasgow smile on her left chick. She has 3 Ritsotsei horns visible from her back, which are looking like spiky nails forming a scythe, during ceremonies she let her horns visible.


Aaznaèl, a special woman...she is as silent as death, as fast as the wind turning into a tempest, but as pretty as sunlight. She's not the kind of person loving to showcase themselves, she prefer to stay within the shadows, watching without saying a word, ready to strike if something would turn bad. Younger she wanted to be trained by me, and see what she'd become now, a great fighter, surely using questionnable methods, but those methods are pretty effective. Sometimes i ask myself if she's not the personified death.
— Archos notes on his journal, his thoughts about Aaznaèl


Will Of Death

Trained by Archos'Vagal, as an old Antique Spear, she became a very good fighter, she could handle disadvantageous fights, but she used most of the weapons types used at this time and she knows the weaknesses and the strength of those weapons, she could then mix her knowledge with her fightning style, composed of a huge mobility and dexterity with lethal, but few strikes. Later she created the Black Mist during the First Great War, and was very effective, despite having much less power than the Pure Kharises, thanks to this, they could deal battle and skirmishes that would not be possible without it. Seeing her, was like see a raven, you know that you will die, and you counted your breath, and then thinking to all the bad things you've done. Before her death, seeing her near you or your friends means that death is whispering your name, and echoing throught your whole body and soul, many told that her eyes colors means how you will die. She was later call Archos's Shadow, because she did the acts that Archos wanted to, but not directly.  


Despite being a good fighter, she could handle energy manipulations, surely not as good as Chained Ones, but was enough to fight and disturb ennemies. She was one of the first to merge Grimmis stages.

Black Mist

Once merging and learning to stabilize them, she used a new Grimmis that she personalized, named the Black Mist because of its black mist look, or smoke. The Black Mist was a Grimmis feared during the first and second Great War, even nowadays the name or only the presence of this Grimmis can give you the cheeks, chills caressing you like death breath on your skin. She later gave the information, about how she made it, and many became disciples and wanted to become assassins, or deathbringers.  



Her scythe was named by Archos Death Embrace, a metaphore about Aaznaèl's role during the wars. Her scythe was made by a blacksmith few days after the war, and is very polyvalent. A double sided scythe, whose the blades can be kind of detached, and show kamas, binded with a chain, which can be use both in melee and distance. Even if she prefered the entire scythe for the principle, the kamas were more useful during fights with numerous opponents.

Blades & Hast

Thanks to her training with Archos, she could use any weapons that she could use to defend herself, giving her a huge advantage when fightning opponents on 1 on 1 combat, even outnumbered she could use smart, and well placed black mist to create diversion, using her energy dash could afraid her ennemies.
November 678 huh ? Come on, it was one of the hardest month i'd lived. Archos gave me few tasks, or challenges it depends about people. And at the end of that, i fought him in one on one combat, he was maybe older than me, but damn his training was still in his veins, he easily disarm me. After then he told me that i needed to know how to "really" fights as he said. Since that day he trained me with all kind of weapons, hasts, blades, axes, combat scythe etc. At the end of the month, after 12 hours a day of training, i was totall exhausted, but also, i felt like i've made progress, about myself, about my fightning style, i tried to have a proper style where i could recognize myself, and where i could use my skills with a full potential. After an entire month, i could barely put Archos down, i needed to wait January 679 to finally put him down, and defeat him, performing my way of fight, my knowledge about strengths and weaknesses about weapons and how we must fight and merge with them, it's long and exhausting, but once done...i felt free, i felt...myself *laugh*. I also remember Sadikro who told me if everything was right, few months before we were in couple, and try to think what was my reaction. I...just...put...him...down, i don't know how, he's taller than me, but i've done it, the only time though, but come on, try to pull up that fatty boy *he's staring at her, and she just smiling at him, innocently*.
— Aaznaèl interview about how she became a fighter as good as men



When Archos present her, everyone's thought about that she was a little princess who had everything she wanted about Archos. But then, someone taunted her publicly in 681, Archos wanted to react about it, but Aaznaèl stopped him and go by herself, she destroyed the man's face, and was stopped by Archos and Sadikro after few vain attempts to calm her. Since that day, none dared say and think that she was a princess. Since then, she was more seen as Archo's shadow, doing the bad things for him. Many posters highlighted Archos on the left side within light, cut in the middle with Aaznaèl on the right side, with a shady form with green eyes.  

Black Mist

It was officially founded in 737, but was unofficially on 698. Thanks to this, she created a new way to understand Grimmis as a mix up of art, and switftness, because of their main goal. She trained many people, with Archos's help, and realized that the organization had far more potential that she could think, and she was right.  

Strong Woman

Despite being a woman, she was probably the first to be respected that much. Like mentioned before , everyone thought about a young girl hiding behind Archos splendor. In the end, we only see a incredible fighter, capable of fightning and slaying without regrets, or putting down even the most strongest man, nothing afraid her, not even death. Throughout her life, those who thought that she was a princess, remember those days where her assassinations and diversions were useful to have less death to deplore. Until she dies she remained an icon for women within the Grimms society, that icon mark spreading into the Pure Kharises at that time. Nowadays, she's one of the few woman who put the woman on a pedestal, but was the first to do this.  


Daughter of Alûn'Shrar and Vazena'Shrar, she had 1 older brother and sister, and was the last child. She had a normal childhood, born after the exodus, where her dad decided to join Archos. She wasn't for the exodus or against, she had no opinion about it, she still silenced about it.  

Early life

Like her brothers she had a normal childhood, with normal problems. Being at the school, where people from elementary to high school where in the same place all the day. She'd became a lonely girl, where few did not dare talk to her, for her natural behavior, a bit mysterious and a bit creepy. Once schoolgirl, many things disturbed the school, many little gangs created themselves beneath the supervisors eyes, dealing forbidden objects or organizing fights within the school, or in the hood surrounding it. A day, her parents were convinced by the headteacher. Aaznaèl and few people tried to made justice by themselves and stop those "gangs" that were created. She destroy a high school studen's face, breaking his natural helmet. The headteacher told that this boy, was the supposed leader of one of those groups that wanted to make law within the school, but few refused it. After few months of mess, the police had enough proofs to stop that, Aaznaèl was sent to 2 weeks of community services. During those weeks, Archos was visiting the newborn city, in Archevelial periphery. He then met her doing household within the town hall, with clothes similar to those the prisoners wears. His natural curiosity, give him an approach and they talked for several minutes, she ignored that she met Archos at this moment, its when he leaved that she asked him his name.  

Archos Protegee

Once this community work done, she'd remained at that school, and Archos wanted to see the school that had so much disruptions. It was like a king visit, children families knew what Archos done before they were born, Aaznaèl included, but few realized that it was in fact him. After a discussion with the headteacher and few supervisors about those who that stand out from the rest, Aaznaèl was mentioned for her burning temperament, but strangely calm. Those people mentioned and her were convinced by Archos, and it was the same way for the others in others villages or cities. Those people were convinced by Archos to be questioned about many things. They were question about their family way of living, their wealth, their wishes and their goals in life. Since then, few of them could continue to see Archos in groups or individual way. Archos know Aaznaèl dad, being one of the first clan leaders to follow him, and he sees him in her. After many months of discussions, Archos took her as a disciple, with 2 others. He wished that each of them could help to upgrade the society he built 6 centuries ago, and upgrading it. For Aaznaèl case, it was a success, for the others, its a bit different, and none know what they've become. Once finishing high school, Archos took her and with her dad permission and help, she discovers the things hidden, the politics tensions, the main clans almost ready for a civil war. Archos wanted her to be her right arm, but before this, he must trained her. For 10 years, until 684, he trained her in all the ways necessary to know in politics or society, becoming an intellectual, hating this way to call her. To avoid this she asked Archos to train her in fight, Archos hesitated to train her, but seeing her will forced him to accept. She then learn to fight with every kind of weapon, learn how Antique Spears fought, and learn to use her Grimmis, giving her opportunity to reach the other stages.

In the 1st Great War

Archos used her when Pure Kharises won most the fights, being his right arm, was mainly military, and remained in a military way. She wasn't too much ready to face those with whom she shares blood, after they were as Kharis as her, but had a different ideoly. She had many missions, but all those missions gave her remorse.

Growth for the War

Archos saw her being haunted, and needed to mentally break her, so that she opens up to discussion. He left her aside from fight between 703 and 705, asking help from her dad and Sadikro. During this period she questioned herself, meditate for a dozen hour straight, perform new way to use her Grimmis and her fightning style. Then a new Aaznaèl was seen, her only will when fightning Pure Kharises was to see them down.
She changed, but not entirely, she seems to have pleasure when killing them, i don't know what we've done to her, but now, she's the Archos will, and harbinger of death
— Sadikro notes about Aaznaèl changeover
She became a new woman, many a more mature one, but she had no more remorses when killing, and its all that mattered within the war, slaying hundred of soldiers and generals. She was named DeathBringer by Pure Kharises because of her skills she developed, and the Black Mist she created during this forced rest.

Black Mist

As an Energy

She used Black Mist for the first time in December 704. She later on developp it and try to know its limits, very useful to her job she used it as much as she could, but optimize its use was not an easy affair. So with Archos and few Chained Ones she optimize it as much as she could, leading to 150% more use than before, which was a huge optimization. Since then the black colored Grimmis whispered the upcoming death, a mark on her ennemies ready to be activated.  

As an Organization

The organization had for goal in her creation to form new warriors, those warriors would use a different way of fight, performed by Aaznaèl on Archos council and training. Those warriors will be formed to use this assassin fightning style, in addition of using the newborn Black Mist, a mystery but accessible in a easy way if people know to control themselves in an almost perfect way. Later on the organization was the subterrean creatures, creating holes under their ennemies ranks to make them fall and struggles within the dirt. It was an organization giving fear to anyone, both soldiers and citizens, even threating leaders, bypassing securities with a fearful ease.  

As an Icon

Her performance and her way to use her Black Mist gave the chills to anyone, even Archos. That's a reasons why we called her Archos shadow, basically because she perform for Archos in shadows, but also because of this. The training that he gave to her was surely a huge help to make her climb the ladder. She then become an icon for woman, even if sexism is rarely present, a man would surely says that because they are thinner than men that they can't fight. Aaznaèl is probably one of the first female warriors within the Grimms.  

Archos Death

When Archos death was officialized in 969, her and Alic'Ia-Valina were very disturbed, Alic'Ia was hiding at her house for weeks, while Aaznaèl tried to bypass that death. The week following his death, she decided to talk with Alic'Ia and both of her decided to open to the other. They remained in contact since that day. Sadikro felt useless about her sadness.

Mind Change

His death make her empty of anything, Sadikro mentioned that none would see her because she was very affected by his death, in the end of that little speech people even saw him giving a tear. She then make a little travel alone, roaming and questioning herself again.  

Fragment of Archos Tablet

Once in space, she wanted a place where she could stay in calm far from civilization, she choosed Hoxy, where she would try to find a part of Archos's Tablet, founded in his archives, broken and seperated because of its very huge powers. In addition of seeking this piece, she questioned herself, medidate for days and days, and found the piece after a month. She stayed 2 others months to rebuild psychologically and mentally  


From Archos

To Sadikro'Dark

(Dans le sens, comment Sadikro a dans un sens révolutionné sa vision de l'homme attentionné, en comparaison d'Archos. Je pense honnêtement que c'est un endroit où tu peux t'amuser énormément à développer car ça met en conflit direct Archos et Sadikro, mais aussi montre leurs liens !)
(Parles du pendentif de la mort, qui inspiré à la fois le terme "avoir des étoiles dans les yeux" etc..)


Zhar born was a total surprise for everyone. His birth was even not excepted for Aaznaèl and Sadikro. But changed their life, both of them decided to make a pause about their political/military life. In a way it gives a fresh breath for the society and a kind of hope and enthusiam when they heard the news. She could focus on Zhar and his early life, and forget Archos's death and change her mind.  

Aaznaèl's Legacy - Death

By a Ship

For a Ship



Date of Birth:678
Date of Wedding:969
Date of Death:1945


Eyes:dark brown, then black

Languages Talk:

Ancient Kharis (Barely)

Used Weapons Seen :

Death Embrace : her separable side where her kamas are stocked/b]
Her kamas: located within the scythe and form the blade.
Her halberd
her hooks
Generally : Grimmis Swords, Spears & Gauntlet Blades


Found the Black Mist, Won a fight alone against 10 opponents, found a part of Archos's Tablet, give new breath to woman place in society.

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