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The Cellean People

A rough timeline of the Cellean culture and its practicioners.

Before Cellea

... 2329 CE

The time before the settlement of Cellea

  • 2104 CE

    22 /5

    The colony ship departs
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Orgullo De La Cuna departs Earth for the yet-unsettled Cellea, taking with it five million people and a large technological base.

  • 2310 CE

    7 /11

    Settling of Cellea

    The Orgullo De La Cuna arrives in orbit of Cellea, and is rapidly converted into an orbital habitat and base of operations.

  • 2324 CE

    30 /5
    2329 CE

    3 /1

    Unification Wars
    Military: War

    A series of conflicts as to who should control the planet. The Triumvirate of Cellea, as they were called then, were the ultimate victors of the conflict.

  • 2329 CE

    9 /9

    Founding of the Cellea Autrocratic Space

    The official beginning of the political entity called the Cellean autocratic space. From here, the state would go on to conquer a whole host of territories and regions, rapidly expanding their military and industry.

Age of Empire

2330 CE 2510 CE

The age of the Cellean Autocratic State.

  • 2432 CE

    4 /12
    2524 CE

    7 /6

    Wars of control
    Military: War

    A period of exceptionally rapid expansion by the Cellean empire, including clashes with the STUN. Came to a close with the collapse of the empire.

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    Wars of Control
  • 2474 CE

    5 /2

    Destruction of Cellea
    Military action

    A very large fleet composed of rebellious nations a few systems over from Cellea proper conducted a raid of sorts, and scorched the planet to the bone with looted Cellean RKMs. This would encourage the capital to be relocated to Jameson's Respite, on Shiumri.

The Collapse

2511 CE 2652 CE

A period of collapse, lasting over a century.

  • 2529 CE

    25 /8
    2529 CE

    3 /9

    The Omega-Delta Disaster
    Military: Battle

    A battle over Desterat, toward the end of the Wars of Control.

  • 2540 CE

    2660 CE

    The Slow Collapse
    Era beginning/end

    Having overstretched itself, the Cellean empire was quickly coming apart at the seams, unable to suppress the wave of revolts and secessions withing their empire. They tried, and many bitter wars were waged, but over a century or so, the empire had been reduced to remnants, independent states, and newly-found STUN allies.

After the Collapse

2653 CE and beyond

  • 2654 CE

    27 /2

    Colonization of Ochtotne Prime

    Refugees and other exodites from ex-Cellean space went on to found many colonies, including one Ochtotne Prime.

  • 2834 CE

    1 /9
    2843 CE

    22 /7

    Second Destruction of Cellea
    Military: War

    A long period of wars and conflicts fought between various remnants to reclaim Cellea, now resettled and somewhat recovered. The planet got wrecked again, and a state called the Cellea Restors Novum was the victor, though it was left with very little.