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SC pledge, I suppose

Part 1, week one, motivation and the like

So, Summer Camp, eh?   That's a first.   But yeah, this is my first Summer Camp. I have taken part in last year's Worldember, even if I didn't do too well. But hey, now I have the summer holiday, and time is all I have.   Any goals? Uh, maybe? Honestly, it's just an excuse to write, and the badges and whatnot are a neat bonus. As for what I'm developing, I'm sticking with this setting and world. It's really fascinating to write, and by its very nature, it also has a lot of space for development. I'm likely going to write something unrelated to any stories in my mind, so I'll see how that goes. Who knows, maybe they'll spiral into their own stories at some point. Happened with the Afkascheinian Jihad. The promt themes we know of are also pretty good, fitting as well. I've got a not-insignificant amount of tech, for example, still left undocumented, as well as some ideas for new enviroments, habitats, mainly.   Also, unlike Worldember, I'm going to be considerably more active in the community, having joined the discord and whatnot. I've also signed on, in a way, into Catoblepon's spreadsheet thing. If you haven't check that out, do so, it's really cool.   But indeed, that's the pledge I've made. In all honesty, I'm doubtful that I'll keep up with this, but eh, you never know.   So yeah, here's waiting.  

Part 2, week 2, I think, themes and how to make them work

I'll see how writing along themes goes, but here's the themes and how I might use them;


This is a neat theme, honestly. The void of space aside, there's plenty of things to expand. Both literal expanses, like Suterr's Flatland, the desert the Void Traveller lies upon, or the wastes of Afkaschein. There's some more metaphorical ones, too, like maybe the orbital ring of Earth, or more elaboration on the Cellean autocratic space's realm.  


This one's harder. Granted, most of the organizations and cities and whatnot could stand for elaboration on their leadership, several roles like Cellean admirals could also be expanded. The main issue, though, is that I'm kinda bad at writing characters and people. But eh, see about that later then.  


Now this one's quite good again. Best part, I've already catalogued a lot of the more grounded tech in the setting, so I can focus on more wacky and out-there stuff. Exploration I won't be covering, I don't much care.  


Uh... No clue, honestly. Taken literally, this one doesn't work for me. Taken more metaphorically, it still doesn't work as well. Mainly by my own lack of skill and the like, but also because the world just isn't like that. There really aren't that many "pure evil" things, everything is nuanced. Like in real life, you know.   So that's part two then. Neat.  

Part 3, week 3, inspiration and such

I'm too lazy to gather specific materials here, so I'll just explain it.
The main inspiration, the root of the world, is a book called Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds. And its sequels, since they're set in the same world, but mainly the first one. Granted, the main story came first, but when I started developing the world properly, I had just read Revelation Space, which obviously inspired me. The main aspects from that range from major things, like the hard-scifi nature (mostly), the prevalence of habitats (though that is more just realistic). Smaller things include things like the Void Traveller, which is almost a carbon copy of the Nostalgia for Infinity. At least, designwise. The presence of nanomachines is also from the books. Plenty of smaller things are similar, like Ochtotne Prime's similarity to Resurgam.   I've gathered plenty of inspiration for the world from various different sources. Literature, movies, video games and the like. Dune, Foundation, Warhammer 40k, Halo, Star Wars, and a whole host more have all served to inspire me and influence my work. The Afkascheinian Jihad is a reference to Dune, a lot of military designs are quite generic scifi designs, Mass Effect-style. Melee weapons being prevalent are mainly from 40k. Ak'Thakra is both Tatooine and Arrakis-derived, and so on.   I've also taken a lot from Isaac Arthur and the content he covers. A lot of the things in my world are modelled after subjects in his show, from Earth's orbital ring to the way space battles are fought.   So, that's week 3's topics. Neat. One more left, and then's summer camp.  

Part 4, week 4, scheduling.

  I'm not a good planner. I am, in fact, an awful planner. Scheduling, too. Just not for me. I know that'll come and bite me in the ass eventually, but right now, it matters not.   I do have a rough idea of what I'll be doing. I'll be part of leading two separate actual summer camps next month, both lasting a week, so I'll be mostly absent for those periods. Hard to write on an island with poor internet and no electricity. Shame, really. But that aside, I will be writing as much as I can in the intermittent periods. As little as that is.   Unlike Worldember, now I am part of the community, in a proper way. I'm part of the discord server. Fine folk, over there. That'll serve as some sort of reminder to do something.     But that's that, then. Onto July, and Summer Camp 2022.
I am somewhat excited.

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28 Jun, 2022 20:45

Welcome to summer camp and I hope you have a great one!

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