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Fetaen of a Thousand Lifetimes (feˈtai:en)

An old, old, Cellean tradition. A duel, often to the death, based in a mutual respect between the combatants. Can be applied in various different situations, for example a duel for a position, or simply to resolve a disagreement. Once practiced in the Cellean autocratic space, the tradition is effectively dead, with only a few aware of it, much less practising it.


While it emerged in the original colony the Cellean colonists were from, it truly came into its own on Cellea. Over the course of the years, the tradition developed and changed, becoming how it is today. After the collapse of the Cellean empire, within the chaos that followed, the practice was gradually forgotten and abandoned.


After the challenge is issued, usually by one participant saying "By my right as a Cellean, I challenge you to the Fetaen of a Thousand Lifetimes, (name)." Now, the challenge need not be accepted, even though that is considered kind of rude, and shameful.   If refused, the challenged party will say, in old Cellean: "Jef shulna indefel, fennae hrat (name)" (I cannot accept, fennae hrat (name)), Fennae hrat is a title, meaning essentially honourable, honour-worthy, honoured, and so on.   If accepted, the exchange will be; Challenged: "Jef shulna kef findar, fennae hrat (name)" (I accept your challenge, fennae hrat), and the challenger responds with: "Ful choni vendat kolam, fennae hrat (name)" (Then we shall begin, etc.). The duelists then draw weapons, and begin the duel. The duel itself is very free-form, with no restrictions on fighting.


Two people; challenger, and the recipient. They say the phrases, then fight.
A clear example of the Cellean culture's militarism was their dueling tradition. While other duel systems exist, such as the Kollim Nafraka or the Single-Strike Affair, this is quite unique. These other systems offer fluidity and can be adapted and are flexible. The Cellean tradition is not so. It is preformed in the same order, with the same phrases each time. Quite the shame such a unique system is now long forgotten.
— The Cellean empire Vol.IV, Shigeinuka Mirin
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