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Battle of Ak'Tharka (ˈɑk.ˈtʼɑkra)

A battle fought for the control of Ak'Thakra. Began with an orbital battle, then descended to the planet below. ASTUN succesfully secured their objectives. The planet's antimatter factory was succesfully airlifted out, and the planet then destroyed.

The Conflict


ASTUN forces had entered the system and secured Shur'Kattr Ast'ak. The fleet then headed to Ak'Thakra. This gave the defending forces time to prepare for the assault.


ASTUN forces entered the planet's orbit a 25 hours after they entered the system. The Ak'Thakran defense grid had been prepared by then, and their small defense fleet was on standby.


The orbit of Ak'Thakra, as well as the planet's surface, focused primarily near major cities.


Orbit was clear, the surface was in a turbulent state, with dust storms happening often.

The Engagement

The orbital war was won quick. The defending force stood very little chance, and the orbit was secured in a day or so. The ground war took more time, as the defenders were entrenched significantly better. The brunt of the ASTUN's assault was focused on Khar'Ak 'Than. Still, the city fell, and the antimatter factory, as well as some industry were secured and brough off-world. Because of this, the majority of the planet's defenders, stationed all over, never even got to fight. The ASTUN then launched several RKMs at the planet, burning off most of the life on it.


  • A large part of Ak'Tharka completely destroyed, 71 653 000 people dead.
  • ASTUN victory.
  • Antimatter factory secured.
  • Aftermath

    The near-complete destruction of Ak'Thakra. With the The Coalition's only source of antimatter in the sector taken, most large warships would run out of fuel and become incapable of moving or even powering themselves, crippling Coalition strength in the region. This would eventually lead to an ASTUN victory.

    Historical Significance


    Ak'Thakra would remain barren for centuries, and while the orbit was still populated, the star system quickly lost relevance. This lead to the star cluster becoming even more of a backwater than it already was.
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    Conflict Type
    Military Campaign
    Battlefield Type
    Start Date
    Ending Date
    Conflict Result
    ASTUN victory.


    ASTUN Assault Forces


  • 3 245 ships
  • 2 companies of soldiers (25 000)
  • 531 ships
  • 72 defense platforms
  • 7 companies of soldiers (400 000)
  • around 2000 soldiers from the GdT Company
  • Casualties

  • 449 ships
  • 3000 soldiers
  • 384 ships
  • 66 defense platforms
  • everyone on the planet
  • Objectives

    Secure the orbit, then secure the antimatter factory, as well as as much industry as possible.
    Defend the planet for as long as possible.


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