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Assorted Structures of Human Space

An collection of various structures and buildings throughout human space. From the great ring of Earth to Khar'Ak 'Than's Skypiercer to a house near Lanfal City.   12: Temporary
Roughly three kilometers from the ill-defined edge of Lanfal City, there lies a small house. This house belongs to one Stringer. He lives there, suprise. He's lived there for a few years now, and since his plan against Mad and his organization is coming to pass soon, he doesn't plan on staying. Out of the three options he sees, none involve staying:
Either he kills Mad, in which case he goes home to see if he can find his family, or he dies, or Mad escapes, in which case he follows him whereever he goes.

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Author's Notes

This is an entry for Stormbril's Marchitecture Challenge.

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2 Apr, 2023 01:41

OOooo, what an interesting story hook for this structure!   Thank you very much for participating in Marchitecture, and great job earning the badge! :D  


Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.

2 Apr, 2023 13:21

Well, thanks. Shame I couldn't get more done, but the little I did was quite fun. Good challenge, I liked it.

Hey, how you doing. Well, I hope.
I made this, check it out, that'd be nice.