Hell's Fury

Gravity 0,7 g
Radius 5500 km
Day Length 11 h 34 m
Surface Temperature Min 16 Mean 35 Max 104
Moons 1 - Scorn
Government None
Affiliation Systems Alliance
Population Approx. 40.000

  In the midst of extensive terraforming when the Black Scourge conflict began, the reclamation of Hell's Fury was never completed, leaving the planet only half-ways terraformed.
Hell's Fury is a mostly barren desert, with acidic rain and only crippled and stunted growths on the surface. Nevertheless, Hell's Fury was picked for terraforming for a reason; It's rich supplies in minerals and materials necessary for the creation of starship fuel. With a largely dwarven population, the planet has become dotted with mining facilities, each offering a harsh but profitable life.
Beneath the cover of large greenhouses, stubborn farmers have started growing crops and keeping cattle as well. Though the production can not rival that of Vanar, they can at least supply most of the local farmers with produce without needing to import.
Hell's Fury has a significant presence from HI Interstellar setting up mining facilities. The largest port on the planet, Furlough Center, is operated by HI Interstellar and though it remains a mostly lawless town, everyone knows better than to start trouble on company property.
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