Spirited, clever and with an eye sharper than that of any eagle, Diana is a huntress and a traveler. Never one to rest in one place for long, Diana seeks out the far corners of the planes and hunts its creatures. She values clever plans, patience, and self-sufficiency. Her worshippers are a motley crew of the idle rich, bounty hunters and people living off the land. In addition, she is the patron god of most of the galaxy’s sniper corps, with every major weapons manufacturer having priestesses of Diana bless their top-shelf weapons. While a prayer to her before a hunt is advisable, she will never make a hunt easy; Just possible.
Noticeably, she hates those who make their hunts too easy, such as great game hunters using electronic scanners or automated weaponry.
She is usually depicted as an athletic and strong woman, in light armor, wielding a bow made of starlight or as a large, white deer.

Divine Domains

Star Shaman, Xenodruid
Divine Classification
Goddess of Hunting, Tracking, Travels


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