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Session 3: Does He Look Like A Scott?

General Summary

After creating a successful distraction for Jerec the group decided to peruse the Serpmadre library/town hall. Within they found out some of the history to this place, when it was founded, its history of farming and healers, and about the Wandering Charmer. Inquiring more deeply about the Wandering Charmer, the librarian/secretary informed them that they did have 5 books about him and his research but all of them have since been checked out by a Scott Vitale. The former apprentice to the owner of Potent Potions.   He had went off to do research in the Zittire Forest forest and hadn't returned. The woman though him dead, but asked the party if they could retrieve the books. If they could find him of course. The party, with nothing better to do, informed an uninterested Bar'el and headed off into the slithering forest. In their search they stumbled upon another adventuring party which almost ended in a fight, an algae filled lake, and a small rotting campsite with bodies of mail carriers and exploding mushrooms. But they were not able to find Scott, until he happened upon the group.   Seeing the mushrooms explode he approached the group and gave them a once over, offering medical aid of which the party refused. The group was surprised to see him alive and Scott was surprised to find out he was thought to be dead. Cheerfully though he asked the party not to reveal he is still alive, instead to take the books back has he didn't need them anymore. He was content to stay in the forest to continue his research for the "Golden Cure".   The party, thinking nothing of it, said thanks and returned. Getting the reward of 5 magical healing potions. Somewhat exhausted from marching all night looking for the young alchemist, the party wearily wandered to the local tavern to meet up with Jerec and Bar'el. Only to be ejected after the anger owner of the bar recognized them as the punks who had resold her beer in town square. The group ended up meeting with the two sponsors and immediately headed back into the woods to search for the Charmer's Armlets.

Missions/Quests Completed

Find Scott Vitale and return the books he borrowed from Serpmadre Library

Character(s) interacted with

Vitor the Bard, Gregor the Cleric, Colin the Paladin, Sekal the Rogue, Gertriude the tavern owner.

Saving the Past
Report Date
06 May 2019
Primary Location
Zittire Forest

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