The God Particle

The God Particle is the atom that can make anything in the world. So we have found the beginning the power of god or at less what he used to make the universe


Physical & Chemical Properties

It has the potential to be anything and everything. They tend to build it up into three different States and energy state a liquid state and a solid state to make it easier to mold and use. Even in these three states, it isn't classified as anything, but it could become anything. It is a lot easier to contain them in these states. Then it is and then the God particle form because it wants to explode out and become everything.


It can become any component known to man or anything if you have the technology you can even make new metals liquids energies. you can even make new elements for the periodic table. With the right technology and knowledge, you can create the universe.

Origin & Source

Found that the beginning of the universe. Right when the Big Bang happens and two beams of protons smack into each other. It's caught four times in over a hundred years of the experiment after it was discovered. That is because you have to catch right before the first second. The way it's got to be contained and held makes it nearly impossible. That's because even if one thing goes wrong it will start separating and dividing into all the particles of the universe.

Life & Expiration

It lives less then a second

History & Usage


It was the first atom that gave use to all others in the universe.


In the year 3450 we finally saw the spark of the universe. What was once known as the Hadron Collider experiment. Now it's successor the Amber Collider wich has been made into a space station. it's finally saw the first spark of the universe. Know this particle can only be seen within they split second. I mean was it before or even a second. It was the first particle with hold them all. It took several computers and lenses too slowly rewind it's nanosecond to get to this point.   Next was the grueling task of trying to figure out how to capture it to study it. For the next 40 years they tried everything they could think of to work. Until they finally figured out a mixing different types of fields together. Now they had to get the timing down. Well on one of their experiments they were able to catch it and hold it in a stabilization field. While they were celebrating and haveing the equipment scanning and study it. It overloads the stabilization field and blow up half the station. The lucky part was the data they did get was save on a hub.   It took another 10 year to build a new station and get up and running. While they are rebuilding, they we're working on trying to figure out what to do about the God particle. the readings showed that it is requiring to change and expand or become something. They decided to try again and they did with same result but more data but no one want to flip the bill any more so the experiment was scrap.   Until 60 year later when a corporation named Dremmatic Corp. Open and built a new Amber Collider. Between two black whole because where the other two explosion at weird stuff had happen. Like new metal, chemical and other stuff showing up. That were not originally fond in that system. These the Amber Collider was made three times bigger. It was the size of a small moon. The goal of this one was to capture the God particle and then transmute it using this alchemy tech a million molecules around. now it took them about another 40 years to catch their first God particle and when they use the alchemist system on it. It broke itself down not following what was program in the system. Instead using the energy turn into a liquid solid and a gas states but still had every atom and possibility. As the study and research went on found out that they could change and create new stuff. Within 40 years they caught four God particles and made those made it into the states they had so much material and data on all types of scientific research That time to show the world what they have done.   About the time when they were about ready to submit all the research and documents and every thing to the company and to the world. Tragedy struck them in the form a pirates. The pirates blew up the station sending out orbital stasis. sending it all into two the black holes destroyed it all. With no survivors of the several 100 people that lived there. The only thing left was some of the research that was sent to other researchers colleges and other scientific communities.


No at least we'll be refined or will cause a massive explosion setting particles in matter everywhere. to refine it you need to use that equipment to apply a lot of energy to it like you're going to change its composition structure. it will form itself into a liquid a solid and a gas state. now in these three states, you can use the same equipment to make it into anything and everything of those states. you could even break it down into atoms make new elements. it is an endless idea of what you can do. but it does take time and energy to figure out how to do it and what goes with what.
Elemental / Molecular
when your brain smell it bring up lot smell you have strong memory to that both good and bad
Glow pure white
Common State
Atom but it got to be change quick in to 3 form to use it or realeas

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