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A new time of prosperity dawns, as the savage frontier is opened for exploration and settlement.

From the Forge Thunder mountains in the north, the Dwaerden federation expands downward in to the Borderlands, newly allied with Abalon, the city of Wonders. In the west, homesteaders clash with Elvaren nomads along the river Kazban. Outlaws and mobsters control entire towns. Guild wealth is protected by mercenary companies and gangsters.

Across the continent mysterious ruins beckon to intrepid relic hunters and archaeologists. What secret powers lay at the heart of these strange antediluvian ruins? Who built them and what terrible purpose may they still hold. Massive Terrasaurs roam the wilds. Drakailians hunt people for meat. Strange cults to forgotten gods practice all manor of perversion.

A world of high adventure, and low company awaits.

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