Vemežush Family

A family of bankers and investors, the Vemežush family have a hand in most of the trade in the north. Their most well known venture is the Vemežush Merchant group, who has control of almost all inter-continental trade today.


Vemežush primarily trades in spices, cloth, and jewels. Jewels, while admittedly sounding impressive, actually comprise the smallest section of their trade. Its the spices that has earned their high position.


Before the Rise

Before the 7th century AD, Vemežush was a minor merchant family in Ʀurkuo Country. The Guild had only risen up in the last century and monster populations in the area were still out of control compared to the east. The Vemežush family had made its living the last few centuries by trading local ores for food and weapons from outside the country. As a general rule, they were better off than their neighbors, but just about as likely to die in a monster raid or to bandits.

However, Edzha Vemežush, had an idea in 632 AD that would change his families fortune for good. Before the Starfall's, trade between Yatràpà Continent and the other continent was booming, but the Wastelands and sea monsters blocked the previous routes.

Its said that Edzha was sorting old documents and books from his last trade when he saw a map of the world before the Starfall. He saw that there was a northern archipelago that connected the two continents. If he could find a northern pass and avoid the Wastelands, Edzha could monopolize trade with the west. This was his ticket to greatness.

Of course, first he would need to find a pass. Vemežush invested half his savings into an expedition to the north, spending much of it on Guild adventurers to protect the group. It took 5 years, and most of his savings, but a pass was found northwest of the Midlands. From there Edzha took his group, a selection of trade goods and made the journey north.

Little is known about what happened beyond the pass as the Vemežush family has attempted to hide as many details as possible. It isn't even known how he got across the sea: some stories have him ride across the ice, while others have him building a boat on the coast. Either way, Edzha came back with enough trade goods to earn back all he spent and more.

Setting the Foundations

After that first trip, Vemežush began funding more trips to the other continent, now sending other merchants to trade for them. However, while at first it was easy to hide the path due to the general risk of the area, it didn't last. In 658, the Guild began to push the monsters towards the desert, increasing the safety by far. In order to maintain the families hold on monopoly, measures would need to be taken.

Therefore, Mulkel Vemežush, Edzha's daughter and heir, began to create an espionage division under the family's control. This group of spies and assassins would become one of main players in the criminal underworld, and its due to their efforts that so little information about the route exists to this day.

Vemežush Today

Trade League

After about five years, Edzha had earned enough to outsource. Vemežush bankrolled other merchants and traders to go to the other continent, and soon had control of much of the non-magical market. Today these merchants are collectively known as Vemežush Inter-Continental Trade Group. Hundreds of thousands work for the league at last report, making it one of the largest corperate enterprises today.

Suspicious Dealings

One of the most impressive things about the Vemežush group is how they have hidden the pass to this day. Hundreds have gone looking or followed the carriages west, and far fewer have returned. Its rumored that the pass can't be found at all, and that it has been hidden by a group of illusionists hired by the company. Whatever the case, Vemežush has almost certainly hired a great deal of under the table help.

Money in the Bank

While less known than their work in trading, Vemežush gets a great deal of income from the banks they own in Ʀurkuo and Rubefià Empire. Founded in 819 by Ektio Vemežush, the banks are reputed as stable and trustworthy, even by their detractors.
Notable Members
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