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Pažosià Wool

From pažosià goats, this wool is the primary material from which clothing is made in the north.


Material Characteristics

The undyed wool is usually either an off-white, brown, or dark-grey.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The goats' wool is extremely soft, strong, and warm. The warmth of the wool is perhaps three times greater than wool from other animals. If dyed, the color range goes from red, orange, and yellow.. The best blue dye can only be found in the eastern territories, and as such, the green and blue is both rarer and more expensive.

Origin & Source

The wool is sheered from pažosià goats. The goats are primarily found in Yiavabwià̃ country, but can found in small herds throughout the Koni mountains.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The wool is woven into practically all textiles in the north. Leather is used here and there as well, but pažosià wool is preferred by far. From blankets and pillows, to socks and coats, the wool is used everywhere.


The softest pažosià wool has a long preparation. As winter ends and the mountains begin to warm, the goats' fleece must be combed carefully. The fiber that is removed is the softest of the wool, and will be set aside for spinning. After up to two weeks of combing, the goat is left with only the outer guard hair. These are cut and used for brushes.
Then, all of the soft fiber will be dyed if necessary. The wool will then be used in whatever product its meant for.
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