Pleiadians are a humanoid species from the Pleiades star cluster and the creators of Starseeds. Not much is known about them. What is known comes from Starseeds and what they learned after their Awakening.

In the cosmic conflict Pleiadians serve Pax.


Pleiadians are a bipedal species with two pairs of limbs. They have two legs and two hands. On they hands they have opposable thumbs which allow them to grab things. Pleiadians skin is in a light blue colour and their heads are slightly elongated. It is especially visible when compared with members of other species.

Sensory and Extrasensory Capabilities

Pleiadians have the same 5 senses as humans, but additionally they have poweful psychic abilities. They can read minds of other sapient species and influence their actions. It is impossible for them to do that to other healthy Pleiadians as they would protect their minds. With members of their own species they can sense and feel emotions and communicate telepathically over great distances.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Pleiadians are currently governed by a single government known as the Pleiadian High Council. The council is made up of represtantives elected by all Pleiadian citizens. The citizenship can be aquired by being a child of at least one citizen, married to a citizen for at least 5 years or granted citizenship by the High Council under special circumstances.

Average Technological Level

Pleiadians are on much higher technological level than humanity. One of their crowning achievement is the technology allowing for a transfer of a person's consciousness and mind into another body. This technology gives the species a possibility to be immortal, but its use is restricted to the Starseed Program. The reason for that is that Pleiadians can't manufacture organic bodies and don't want to choose who in their society has to die for others to live forever.

Genetic Descendants

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