Arcturians are a sapient humanoid species from the Arcturus system. They are rivals of the Pleiadians and servants of Imperium, one of the transcendental entities from the Psionic Realm, in the cosmic conflict.


Arcturians are a bipedal species with four limbs. Their bodies are covered in a hard exoskeleton which was developed as a result of the harsh conditions on their home planet. The main side effect of the exoskeleton is the reduced sensitivity to pain and touch. Because of that Arcturians' romantic interactions lack the sensuality of other species. For most species they are cold and uncaring.

Sensory/Extrasensory Capabilities

Arcturians have the same 5 senses as most other species in the universe. The majority has no psionic abilities. The only group of Arcturians with psionic abilities are the people who were genetically altered to be able to tap into the energy of the Psionic Realm.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Arcturians have established an interstellar empire which rules over its subjects with iron fist and terror. New territories are added to the empire through conquest. Only Arcturians are citizens and there is no way for members of other species to acquire citizenship. Interspecies marriages are strictly forbidden. Among the citizens there is a division into two groups. The first are the Arcturians born on the howeworld and the other are the Arcturians born in the colonies. The homeworld-born are higher in the social hierarchy and have more political power in the empire.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Arcturians are suspicious of other species and treat them as inferior. They engage in diplomatic relations with others, but never commit to a long-standing alliance.

90 years
Average Height
1,8 meters
Average Weight
75 - 80 kg
Geographic Distribution

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