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Jumbo jets crisscross the skies overhead as you pass the subway station on your daily commute. The GPS on your phone chimes. It's offering to reroute you: there's been an accident ahead that's slowing down traffic. You only look down long enough to tap the screen-- Crash! A body plunges to the highway in front of you like one of the meteors from the Starplummet. You slam the brakes! Your tires screech and burn! Your hands seem to move by themselves as they jerk the car sideways to avoid the man in the road. For two heartstopping seconds, your passenger's side tires leave the ground and your car threatens to flip.
He's getting out of the crater, dusting himself off as you crawl past and glare at him out the window. The glowing blue in his veins makes it clear as crystal what he's been up to.
Crappy startech users. They think they own the world. Congress should just go ahead and pass that ban they've been holding up for the past four years.
You've gotta go. You're gonna be late for work. But somebody ought to lock that fool up before he gets a body killed.

This setting is designed using the Cypher System, available from Monte Cook Games.