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The Azeban

Named after the word of 'dragon' within fexian tongue. The Azeban is a large sea serpent that has the appearance of a dragon. They are quite friendly to sapien life. However, they are extremely deadly to the native life throughout the planet. When frightened, they can fire blast of water and debris at deadly velocities. It has been known to destroy entire ships and kill their prey instantly.  

Sapien Interactions:

Due to the size of sapien people, Azeban are quite friendly to them. They see them as createurs they need to be protected, so they will attack predators that might hunt people. While the instances are rare, they have the habit of swimming close and even sometimes interacting with them. It is recommended not to have continuous interactions as they will grow attached to you. If any harm would come to the attached individual, the attacker will be hunted and killed.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

With salt water as their base requirement, they also prefer warm waters then colder.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As carnivores the Azeban hunts once a week for large prey. They are not picky and will eat anything of substantial size. It will start by fire a high velocity shot at it's prey to stun or either kill it. From their they will tear it to shreds in the water. With smaller creatures if they are in significant numbers they may try to hunt them, but in most cases they act as guardians toward them. Many smaller fish will live near an Azeban in order to hide from their own predators.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Azeban live very solitary lives. Yearly they migrate to coves around the world to breed and lays eggs. During this time is the only time they actively interact with one another. In other times they are encounter one another, a fight is inevitable. The two will fight until one is dead and battles have been known to last about an hour.


Attempts have been made to domesticate them however all of them have failed. They are difficult to contain and near impossible to maintain. Even if they succeed, there is no real value to them other then their prestige

Average Intelligence

These are intelligent creatures, but are not sapien. They can be trained and have a complex language.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Tribites: These tiny fish stay near a Azeban and develop a bond with the creature. They clean their Azeban and will even attempt to heal its wounds. If they ever serepate the Tribites will die.
~700 years
Conservation Status
Average Height
~5.3 m
Average Weight
110,000 kg
Average Length
~4.2 m
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They range from yellows, oranges, greens, and blues for a base color palette. Along their fins and limbs they have accented colors of purples and reds.
Geographic Distribution

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Cover image: weedy seadragon by Matt Testoni


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