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The United Federation

One of the galaxy's main political powers, and certainly the largest.

Public Agenda

To form a peaceful, lawful, governed union between its many species.


Advanced technology, military and otherwise, as a result of access to the resources from the many planets in its control.


At first, most of the species were enthusiastic about the idea of the Federation, and the newly-formed union quickly worked past its first collection of problems thanks to the combined effort of the many races. Along the way, several major internal conflicts happened, including the Federation-Atzuno War and the Rebellion, as well as three major external conflicts - the Yhhr War, the First Great Invasion, and the Great War. Presently, the Federation is mostly in a state of peace, with its many members coexisting.

Demography and Population

The Federation is made up of most of the population of humans and atzuni, as well as the entire population of the horons, corvolts, and phibrants.

Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Federation; Feds
A digital unit called batts, which can be represented by physical coins. Amounts smaller than one batt can only be exchanged digitally.   Written as "100β" or "100.5β"   Coins:
  • bronze - large bronze squared coin (1 batt)
  • bract - large aluminum & magnesium squared coin (5 batts)
  • fer - small nickel & deepiron squared coin (25 batts)
  • dallion - smaller rose gold circular coin (100 batts)
Federation Space
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles

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