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When the Alliance-Potentias War began, the kinjana formed Potentias, a temporary political power and face for a new military force, for the purpose of fighting against the Alliance. Soon, many more species joined Potentias, making it a very formidable military force.


Ranked from most power to least power:   1. Royal - The monarch of the kinjana, whose military and government are conjoined. Occasionally is present for battle, but never actually fights.   2. Head Admiral - A highly respected commander with plenty of experience in battle. Only answers to a Royal. Almost never enters battle, and instead commands his/her inferiors from a safe location.   3. Admiral - An experienced commander who directs generals and head generals, who in turn direct their own troops. Only answers to a Head Admiral or Royal. If present in battle, he/she is only ever stationed on the flagship of the most important fleets.   4. Head General - A commander placed in charge of multiple troops. Is able to command generals, but usually just directs soldiers. Usually stationed on the flagship of lesser fleets.   5. General - A commander placed in charge of a single troop. Is only able to direct soldiers. Usually stationed on a capital ship, but not necessarily a flagship.   6. Captain - In charge of a single ship. Considered almost equal to a soldier in rank; is only able to direct the soldiers stationed on his/her own ship. Still must answer to generals in the same way soldiers do, and is not allowed to direct soldiers not stationed on his/her own ship.   7. Soldier - The most basic rank; makes up the vast majority of the military. Has no power in the military structure, but in kinjana society they are allowed to give official orders to civilians (this does not apply in any other species’ society).

Public Agenda

To defend their right to practice slavery on non-intelligent beings as a valid economic tactic.


Because the group was formed specifically for a war, the members of Potetias shared no resources except military funding and units. Their warships were very powerful, but they had less individual ships than the Alliance.


During a meeting of the Nebulian Council, the swarmers and krakenites confronted the kinjana about their recent discovery and enslavement of a simple race named the tetroxe. The constitution of the Council prohibited slavery, but the kinjana argued that their actions were acceptable because the tetroxe were not intelligent enough to be protected by the law. The argument grew so heated that war was declared by the end of the meeting, and the Nebulian Council temporarily disbanded. While the swarmers and krakenites formed the Alliance, the kinjana created a new political military face under the name of Potentias. Soon, species from all over Inner Space joined forces under Potentias, standing up for their political beliefs in favor of economical slavery. As the first battles of the Alliance-Potentias War sprung up around the Nebula, Potentias was able to win a majority of the battles, but their losses were very expensive due to their large, costly ship designs. Technology and tactics developed on both sides of the war. Eventually, the Alliance emerged victorious. After the peace treaty was signed between the Alliance and Potentias, both organizations were promptly disbanded, and the Nebulian Council was reformed within a year.

Demography and Population

-Kinjana   -Septarian   -Mantis   -Human (some)   -Vuruú   -Darconians   -Kanes   -Atlians (some)   -Ur   [Some of these races are not native to this universe. A few of them are taken from the video game FTL: Faster Than Light, and some of them are contributions from other world builders. Check out the WorldAnvil page for Dark Dragon for more information.]
Political, Alliance
The Nebula

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