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Magic is the broad term used to describe the process of controlling natural energy with the mind. The art was historically practiced almost entirely by the Draksin Republic, and therefore was lost to time when the Republic was conquered. Only a few people in Inner Space currently know how to practice true magic.   Magic is categorized into different types, each of which have their own characteristics:

  • Arcane - general/miscellaneous magic, used for technical things (the most common form of magic practiced by the Republic)
  • Magmatic - fire, lava, and heat
  • Flowing - water and liquids that contain it
  • Aetheric - winds and the flow of gasses
  • Terran - ground, earth, and minerals
  • Fluxed - electricity and all forms of power
  • Botanical - all forms of life
  • Voided - controls darkness itself
  • Luxitive - controls light itself
  Magic was used in ground combat by the Republic, but it did not do well in space combat. Most ships are outfitted with energy shields - sometimes multiple layers of them - and since most forms of magic are simply the focused control of energy, they did not affect standard shields much more than a simple laser shot would. However, this provided some interesting dynamics in ground combat, since some Republican battlemages designed a spell that would surround their body with the same kind of energy shield used for spaceships.   Outside of the occasional use in combat, the Draksin Republic mostly used magic for industrial purposes, allowing for their quick growth as a nation, steady technological progression, and solid infrastructure.   While some skilled magic users could pull enough energy to cast spells out of their surroundings, the original source of magic - as well as the source used by most Republicans - was pulling the energy out of magical minerals. There are three minerals known to produce magic: praecantium, starnite, and moonstone. Praecantium, being very common, supplies energy for Arcane magic, the most common and least powerful type. Starnite and moonstone, being very rare, supply the most powerful types of magic in their pure states - Luxitive for starnite, and Voided for moonstone. Energies used for the other six types of magic are supplied from magical alloys which are made by mixing varying quantities of praecantium and one of the other minerals.   The alloys used for each type of magic are made as follows:
  • Magmatic - 9 praecantium : 1 starnite
  • Flowing - 9 praecantium : 1 moonstone
  • Aetheric - 8 praecantium : 2 starnite
  • Terran - 8 praecantium : 2 moonstone
  • Fluxed - 7 praecantium : 3 starnite
  • Botanical - 7 praecantium : 3 moonstone
  Most storage supplies of praecantium, starnite, and moonstone, were destroyed in the Yhhr War, and all mining facilities used to extract them were abandoned under order of the Federation.

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