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Krakenite Cargo (Type A)

Not to be confused with freighter-class ships, which serve the same purpose but are typically much larger, cargo-class ships are small vessels designed specifically for carrying cargo from one place to another. This specific model was the first cargo ship mass-produced by the krakenites. It is a very popular ship for civilian use because of its spaciousness and speed. Most of the interior is made up of a single large cargo hold room, which can easily be converted into passenger space. It has two large thrusters, one on each side of the ship, which manage to haul the ship at a reasonable speed when the hold is at full capacity, and easily pull the ship through the sky at very high speeds when the hold is empty. Because of this ship model’s popularity, it is not uncommon to see captains modify their own to give it personality. Like all other krakenite-made ships, this model is white with blue markings by default.

Power Generation

Standard internal reactor


Large thrusters on either side of the ship

Weapons & Armament

This class has two weapon ports suitable for light weaponry. This ship does not unclude any weapons on purpose, but separately-purchased weapons can be installed due to weapon port technology.

Armor and defense

This ship has standard armor plating.

Communication Tools & Systems

Standard comm unit


Standard sensors and radar

Additional & auxiliary systems


Hangars & docked vessels


Cargo (class)
Owning Organization
The Nebulian Council
Around 5,000,000 credits
Very common
Slightly faster than the average cargo ship
2-4 crew members
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Maximum cargo space; some passenger space

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