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Deepiron is a strong alloy, similar to the Steel of old. It is incredibly structurally sound, relatively cheap to create, and easy to forge; therefore, it is widely used in architecture and especially the interior structure of starships.


Physical Characteristics

Deepiron is a metal. It is always a dark shade of gray; it can range from dull to shiny.


Being metallic, deepiron has the properties of most elemental metals. It is an alloy of traditional iron with carbon, produced similarly to the Steel of older times. However, the new technology in the Ages of Starships has refined the process and allowed deepiron to be invented. It is better than olden Steel in every way; it is stronger, more durable, lighter, and just as cheap.

Origin & Source

Combining naturally-occurring elemental iron with elemental carbon using the refined forgery techniques of the modern age results in deepiron.

History & Usage


Deepiron came about as a natural result of technological progression in the Ages of Starships, and its use spread steadily across Inner Space soon after its invention.

Everyday use

It is used in pretty much everything. Architecture, vehicle design, mechanical components, cheap swords, armor plates for starships and soldiers alike, even eating utensils.

Reusability & Recycling

It is a reusable metal much like Dustreakium, and can be melted into scrap for reforging.


Trade & Market

It is mass-produced frequently and cheaply by all industrialized factions; deepiron is an important staple of society.

Melting / Freezing Point
~1450° C

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