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Alliance Heavy Destroyer

During the early days of the Alliance-Potentias War, the various species of the Alliance would supply their own warships to use in battle, meaning that Alliance fleets would be very diverse. Towards the later half of the war, the Alliance designed a wave of brand-new ship models, which were mostly generic and did not resemble the style of any one species’ ships. These new Alliance-exclusive designs immediately replaced all previously-used ships in battle, making fleets appear more organized and official. This Heavy Destroyer class is just one of many Alliance-original designs.

Power Generation

Standard internal reactor


Average engines

Weapons & Armament

This ship has four weapon ports suitable for light or medium weaponry. The standard loadout for this class includes two medium laser guns and a single light beam, but these can all be removed and replaced due to weapon port technology.

Armor and defense

This ship has average armor plating as well as two shield bubbles.

Communication Tools & Systems

Standard comm unit


Standard sensors and radar

Additional & auxiliary systems

This ship has two drone ports, suitable for light or medium drones, and two augment slots, suitable for any augment, but the ship’s default loadout does not provide anything for these. Drones and augments purchased separately can be installed.

Hangars & docked vessels


Destroyer (class)
Owning Organization
The Alliance
Around 180,000,000 credits
Not uncommon
1 commander, 5 common crew
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
Some cargo space; some passenger space

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