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1293 ASN

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Universe code D-189.   Even far into the future, everything stays the same. When a species was left alone on its own planet, it was divided up between nations and factions and cultures. When all the races hit the Age of Starships, they each unified into one giant culture, representative of the entire species. There are no countries, there are races and the political powers that rule them. There are no towns and cities, there are planets. War is sometimes waged over entire galaxies. Everything is bigger, but nothing has changed.   All of the biggest stars and suns in the universe are slowly being consumed by the massive Starfire generators, which harness the sheer reactive energy into super-efficient electrical batteries able to power even the largest machines.   The universe is split into two halves, Inner Space and Outer Space. The story takes place entirely in the civilized Inner Space, which surrounds the Center of the Universe. Nobody alive knows what's actually in Outer Space, because the harrowing trek to cross the wasteland separating the two halves is impossible to journey with current technology.
Not everything in this universe is my own design. Many races and elements are taken from the universes Aphodis and Dark Dragon, and from the game FTL: Faster Than Light.   In case you can't tell, this is soft sci-fi. I don't claim scientific accuracy for any of this nonsense.