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Rodger, the Vengeful Hand


Rodger, better known as the Vengeful Hand, is an elite operative, and the head of clandestine operations in The Silverhawks. Trained by the best in the business as a master of trickery and spycraft, Rodger denounced his former allegiance to the almighty credit to serve a greater purpose.  


Rodger is a charming, fast-talking Lashunta, who always knows exactly what to say to get what he wants. Rodger isn't afraid to fight dirty to further his goals, and is willing to cause a great deal of harm for the greater good. That's not to say he's a psychopath, though - he holds those close to him in high regard, and loves them dearly. Or, so he says. While all the telltale signs of love seem to be there, his friends and allies still can't fully be sure it isn't just a ruse.  

Role in the Silverhawks

Rodger serves as the vengeful hand of the Silverhawks, silently erasing undesirables, coercing political opponents into submission, and controlling the flow of information for and about the movement. Rodger specializes in the games played behind the curtains, being an expert at covert infiltration, marskmanship, and hacking, and a dabbler in chemistry, engineering, and a dozen other professions.  

Early Life

From the day he was born, Rodger was groomed to be the greatest corporate spy the galaxy had ever seen. Bought from his parents to fulfill their Debt Contract, he was inducted into a secretive organization (still undisclosed by Rodger), and raised in a black-site training facility until the age of ten.   From then on, he was sent on missions day in, and day out, each ordered by the elusive Master. Roger engaged in everything from blackmailing, to assassination, to sabotage, gradually perfecting his craft acting under one of an infinite number of aliases and disguises.   Through it all, Rodger was utterly detached, and without any concrete sense of purpose. However, so long as the Master kept Rodger occupied with more missions, he was able to quell these feelings. He was able to continue in this way up until the year 3383, when the Master's sanctuary was raided by Tirith authorities, and he returned to a desolate site.   Unsure of where to go, Rodger took his vessel to the nearest moon, and began scrolling through contracts on the Dark Net. For the next six years, he would continue to engage in what he was best at, mindlessly going through the motions.   Eventually, he landed a contract to assassinate a politician on Egawa. After breaking into his quarters, the man knew his fate was already sealed, but asked if he could share his tale. Rodger agreed, and the politician informed him of his plans to pass a bill into law that would prevent families being seperated due to debt obligations.   At that moment, something clicked in Rodger's mind. Maybe, he could take a stand, and prevent the innocent from experiencing the aimlessness, dejectedness, and anguish he himself underwent. Cancelling the contract, he told the politician it was his lucky day, and left.   Rodger enlisted in the DDF in 3389, bypassing the typical training regime due to his existing talents. Becoming an official member in 3390, Rodger went on a series of spec-ops missions, gathering evidence to support allegations of wrongdoing so that other DDF members could swoop in and make arrests. In 3391, after being recognized for his outstanding performance, he was picked up by the Falcon, to join the Silverhawks.

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