Day 79 of Wintervane, Stardate 9887

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"The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff." ~ Carl Sagan

Welcome to a Brave New Universe


If you're new to the Universe of Stardust, you should know that Stardust is more than just the name of the world; It's part of the Story, the People and the Experience of playing in this world. It's a realm where science and magic are made possible because of a cosmic energy that lives around us and inside of us. This "Stardust" was created eons ago, in the deaths of massive primordial stars, at the beginning of all time and space. You can find this "stuff" in every living thing, young or old. You can see it, in every rising sun, or moonlit rose. You can feel it, in every story ever told, and all those stories yet to unfold.


Right now, there's countless stories unfolding throughout the galaxy. A bounty hunter has followed his prey to a mysterious jungle moon. A child detective is investigating crimes on a wayward space station. A snake oil merchant is swindling offworlders to believe his pets are actually dragons. An Archon of Justice is walking away from a farmstead in peace, as the family inside bleeds. A gnome Starforce captain is making the decision to abandon ship, as she unflinchingly stares down her own death. The real question is, what's your story going to be?


06/05/19 Annihilation 1.0 Update


A few new updates. I was focused overall on removing spoilers and articles that aren't yet fully written from public view, with the exception of races. My second focus was on improving navigation throughout the site by creating shortcuts in the article and on the home page. Last but not least, since 2 Annihilation campaigns have begun, I was able to double back to most of the characters and places the players have encountered to add more detail and polish. Enjoy!

- Timeline Added! Containing most major events during and before the Empire.
- All Spoilers removed, though not all easter eggs. Explore and leave comments.
- Remastered Universe map and a brand new map of Gaia, the capital world.
- Campaign Characters added! Art and Description for now. More Soon.