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... Access Granted. ... Communication Link established to datapads....
Sun, Nov 20th 2022 04:22

Salbur, an Eborrean Noxarin is still dealing with life and trying to come to terms with being back in charge of his own life. I talk with him some and encourage him to look at life as an adventure and that being the only Eborrean around is not a hardship, but instead an adventure. I also have to return his ship to him (a hawkbat) because the neural net that it uses to maneuver is not well suited to my biology or chemistry or something. He is currently debating whether to fight for the planet he has been dumped on or to forge a life of his own. I remind him that flying is really the prize in life and that he can even make money flying. I at least gave him something to think about and hopefully give him a new lease on his new life under his own control.
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Things that do not work that way and I wish certain Fremen would quit asking:
  • Do that, ya know, "monk thing" and find the living people in this digitally generated holographic map!

    Listen, buddy. First of all, your digital display is not aive at all.

    Second of all, the desert is in fact full of a lot of life.

    Third of all, the Force is not a frellrammed sonar ping! Stop equating me to a hand-scanner, wouldja?

For a guy who remembers having a differently-shaped body, Doctor Zach is doing pretty good at this hike.
Isn't this a nice stairwell? Not currently filled with water, or dusty sludge, or whatever?