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... Access Granted. ... Communication Link established to datapads....
Sun, Mar 12th 2023 03:26

Hicks   Clone trooper - frozen for 30+ years. No order 66 calm, natural knack for range weapons, prefers to use two (DC17) was an officer in grand army - ARC trooper and trained as pilot pilot in clone wars Mandolorianesque Did not join the clan - is a bit of a loner and trying to figure out where he fits in arena on Nar'Shadar after attempting to take a vacation and being kidnapped reliable, dependable, when in doubt will turn to stone until situation makes sense again middle of the road
Sat, Aug 12th 2023 09:50

Captain Moriko Nash from ship Starrise Falcon.   The captain is Moriko Nash on the screen with dark circles under her eyes. She talks about a rock flying by itself and the Jedi insisting it had to be investigated. There was a story about a cosmic turbine that wiped out some people and shouldn't have been turned back on. They scattered the parts around the universe because it had made a force sensitive reaver. This holocrystal is the key to unlock the ship and there is a hollow sphere that I should know what to do with it. She gives her ship, the Starrise Falcon, to the one who finds this crystal.