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Mission: Pirate Base in the Hardridge Bulwark ruins, deep desert, Chalcedon

... Access Granted. ... Communication Link established to datapads....
Previously, we knew:
Pretty soon, it's going to be Datunda the 19th of Helona, aka 12731:06:19. I am really appreciative of you all doing the Win Friends portion of this sabotage mission! So'Zen and I are a smidgen occupied.
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Top Stack:
Is this a Facts card or a Problems card?


Crimson Nova

Case File: 3.08.18
Date created: 12731:06:18
Active Bounty, Live
target: Jedi Knight So'Zen al Saba
  Further instructions:
I want that one all to myself!
- Crimson Nova senior member Aurra Sing
Sun, Oct 9th 2022 02:35

I find a crawlspace that is definitely from a capitol ship, but not any design I am familiar with. I climb up a ladder and find myself on the outside of the base. I debate about doing more exploring, but I remind myself that Spook is currently unsupervised so I head back to check on her. It appears that the rumors about this being a crashed spaceship that has been taken over by the pirates is more than likely true.
Sun, Oct 9th 2022 02:36

I have had a few moments alone to think about what I want out of life during my association with this group. The Jedi seem to be very focused on following their code of honor and they just seem to know what to do next - or at least don't worry about it. Davish has his own way of handling things, but I just fly by the seat of my pants. Then this Ianar Berav dissects my life and offers to train me. Decisions, decisions.
To: The Mand'alor at mandalore (dot) gov
From: vy_pi at oldfolkshome (dot) allandor (dot) gov
Dear Lady Ventress:
What the what? I thought the Death Watch came apart when you killed Lorka Gedyc?

P.S.: Assault wave incoming to Port E.

We are going to attempt to dump the Problem of "Dark Trooper AT-STs" on Aerena's good purple friend, Queen Sabine Tri'elle.
It's a reasonable plan!
It should absolutely hold out longer than the duration of the sandstorm. Right?
The sandy rotunda is the top of the exhaust space for the ancient reactor for the original crashed ship.
These new Future Shalent have several interesting bits of gear equipped, including bubble shield generators.
The Future Shalent:
  • DT-997
  • DT-775
  • DT-468
  • designator not yet provided, busy working with Davish
I feel that they can figure out how to get along well with Fred and Velma, if we are patient and descriptive.