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Sith Lightning

While this was inspired by the game mechanics from West End Game's d6 system, it has been entirely rewritten to suit this campaign setting.


This dangerous skill allows a Sith or Dark Side practitioner to use their rage or hatred to manipulate the Dark Side of the Force to generate bolts of blue or blue-white electrical energy and direct them at a target.   These bolts are charged with the raw power of the Dark Side and the practitioner's own skill to guide it.   Force energy controlled and directed in such a manner can have a devastating effect. The bolt has a 1D of energy damage per 1D of Alter the Force user has.   Anyone or anything targeted by this power is allowed to dodge, but only the normal dodge skill may be used if a dodge is attempted. Force users may block this by using Guardian’s Shield, Absorb/Dissipate Energy or may blocking using a Force-empowered weapon, such as a lightsaber.

Side/Secondary Effects

This skill is a favorite among the Sith and Dark Side orders who use it as an offensive weapon.   Use of this power causes the Force user to immediately receive a Dark Side point, as this power can only kill or destroy a target.   A living creature that is successfully struck by this power, is rendered incapacitated for the round they were hit by the Force Lightning. But, the victim may also attempt to resist the damage using their Strength. Also, any energy protective armor will also help defend against the onslaught of the Force energy.   Note that while this energy may be blocked, it may not be deflected to other targets. If this is attempted, the energy simply dissipates the moment after the deflection attempt occurs.


When used, bolts of blue or blue-white energy leap from the Force user's hand or hands toward the particular target at the moment.  

Roll the Control skill versus a Difficult. This is modified by proximity and limited to line of sight.


Roll the Alter skill versus the Perception or control roll of target if a sentient creature; otherwise roll vs a Moderate.

Related Organizations
Related Discipline
To learn this skill a Force user must have already studied Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Telekinesis, and Sense Force
Related Element
Control, Alter
Effect Duration
The effect is instant, this power may not be "kept up".
This power is limited to line of sight only and not through a video or holographic display.


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