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Sith Devastator Armor

I am retribution made whole. Through me, the Jedi will know true fear...
— Darth Vadd, from records during the Jedi-Sith War at the end of the Sith Empire
The Sith Devastator Armor is an assault powersuit invented by the Sith Order during the Jedi-Sith War that took place during the fall of the Sith Empire. More than a powersuit, but not quite a vehicle, this armor is a cybernetic system that entombs a wearer not unlike a stasis pod. But in this case, the stasis pod is heavily armored and equipped with a lethal array of weaponry.
Unlike other types of Sith armor, this suit was reserved for Sith warriors who were dying from fatal wounds taken from Jedi, Sith, or other attackers. They entombed those nearly dead warriors in these suits, which would heal their wounds, preserve their life, and even extend their natural life span by centuries. But this benefit comes at a cost.

Price of the Dark Side

Legend has it that anyone put in one of these things? They really were something like a 'living killing machine'.
Dr. Ruk “Rukus” V’Dora, formerly TC-622, and member of Null Force
Similar to the Sith Kofonias Armor, or its modern-day equivalent of the Saber-Carapace Powersuit, the Sith Devastator armor forms a ‘bond’ or deep cybernetic connection with the wearer. Dark Side energies enhance this connection to enhance both suit and wearer. But that is where the similarity ends.
With the Devastator armor, the Dark Side forges a vile balance between wearer and technology. A symbiotic relationship. The wearer is kept alive so long as they continue to do the bidding of the Dark Side, never to be released. At least, released alive.
The most common way to satisfy the Dark Side’s thirsts was in combat. Sith warriors entombed in these suits were the first to battle, lashing out at any foe nearby. The results were devastating, with the Dark Side feeding on the fear and terror coming from the Sith warriors’ surviving enemies.
If there wasn’t a battle available, often the Sith warrior inside the suit would fall into a state of deep hibernation. This could last days or months. Legends state some are still in this state today, hidden in a lost vault, waiting to be discovered by an unfortunate explorer.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Sith MF-9 "Devastator" Armor

Model: Powered Armor
Type: personal battle armor
Skill: Powersuit operation
Cost: Not available for sale
Game Notes (Base, unmodified suit):
  • Sith Alchemically-forged Durellium Armor: Provides +2D+2 to Strength against physical and energy attacks; -1D to Dexterity and all manual or melee Dexterity related skills. Covers entire body as user is sealed inside.
  • Bulky: Because of the suit's height, breadth, and weight once the wearer is sealed inside, hide and sneak skills cannot be used. Swimming is at a -3D (to a minimum of 1D)
  • Sealed Environmental Chamber: Suit is a sealed, climate controlled environment, based off a stasis chamber. It is designed to sustain the being entombed inside for the duration of the pilot's life, or as long as the suit remains intact.
  • 5 Sureseal Patches: Automatic patches against suit leaks.
  • Bio-Readout: Informs wearer of his/her physical condition.
  • Servo Enhancers: +2D+2 to brawling, climbing/jumping, lifting, and damage in Strength-related attacks.
  • Sensor Pod: +1D+2 to search
  • Internal Dual Force Blades: STR+3D damage, Moderate melee combat difficulty.
  • Flash Guard Helmet Lenses: Nullifies all stun damage from visual sources (for instance, flash canisters or grenades).
  • Power Lamp: 100 meter range.
  • Starlight Imaging: Magnifies available light for excellent lowlight vision (no penalties for darkness except in absolute darkness, but sudden flashes of light can cause 4D stun damage if the user does not make a Moderate Perception roll to close his or her eyes in time).
  • Light Repeating Blaster: 6D damage, uses blaster skill, ranges: 3-50/120/300, mounted on right forearm armor.
  • Arm-mounted Sith sword (does STR+1D damage, on a successful hit, victim must make a willpower save against damage taken. On a failure, they take a -1D to their Dexterity for the following turn due to a Force Lightning discharge )

  • Attuned to the Dark Side: If, while entombed inside, the wearer rolls a 6 on a wild die, they must immediately roll a Dark Side check with a 1D6 against their current Force points. Failure, and the wearer loses 1 Force point. If they do not have a Force point to lose, they gain a Dark Side point.
  • Sith Devastator Armor
    Sith Devastator Armor by CB Ash with MidJourney AI
    Item type
    Subtype / Model
    Rare. Restricted. This type of suit hasn't been in common use for over 1000 generations. But they will appear in black market sales on Nar Shaddaa and similar locations.
    300 kg (661 lbs)
    Varies by species of wearer. Average height is 2.2 meters tall (7.2 feet)
    Base Price
    Not for sale (Black market price: 500,000 credits)

    Notes from the Jedi Temple

    Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi "Anakin, could you imagine... being placed in something like this? Literally 'entombed' in armor that preserves your life so long as you 'feed' the Dark Side?"
      Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker "I couldn't begin to imagine something so horrible, Obi-Wan. Really, once inside, that many cybernetic connections would make the person wearing it more like a machine with a living brain. A 'thinking machine'."
      Master Kenobi "I wonder if we should let Dr. V'Dora know for his records?"
      Master Skywalker "Oh, no. I hear he's still reeling over the idea of synthetic kyber crystals having to ferment in the Dark Side like a hard cheese. Won't even take a slice of cheese on his sandwiches now."
      Master Kenobi "That's a shame. I like a good cheddar."
      Master Skywalker "I do too. Hungry?"
      Master Kenobi "Famished. Let's get lunch."


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