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adapted from Undercover Blues, a character played by Stanley Tucci

(a.k.a. Morty)

VNY's notes:


Greasy, scrawny, tallish, with a fake accent he can no longer drop and delusions of grandeur. He’s likely to prove useful, simply because he’s so predictable and easy to manipulate.

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10 / 10
15 AFE

Mental characteristics

Personal history

To everyone's mutual dismay, Morty turned up on Fell Station during the Awakenings III adventure in the Shards of Honor campaign arc. He was not one of the tourist-enslaving raiders, which ... sort of ... made him an ally? If you squint?


Professional knifepoint mugger.

Failures & Embarrassments

spent some time on Siskel Station plying his trade until the night that his chosen victim happened to be a local private investigator, relentlessly cheerful in the face of hostile behavior, who was too busy with her current caseload to play along with Muerte's "dangerous criminal" act

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Knows Vanya from her P.I. days. Dislikes her strongly. She keeps calling him “Morty” instead of his proper terrifying street name, “Muerte”.



antagonist (Important)

Towards VN Ysadora


VN Ysadora

antagonist (Trivial)

Towards Muerte



Muerte finds VN Ysadora absolutely infuriating. He hates her passionately. He would go out of his way to do her harm, if he ever had the opportunity ... but, for all that, he knows that there are absolutely worse people in the galaxy; he can and has set his hatred aside in truly dangerous situations.


Vanya has possibly spent a cumulative fifteen minutes in her entire life, thinking about Muerte when he is not actually present. He's an annoyance. He needs to seek professional help. He needs to befriend the sonic shower and let it love him. He simply is not relevant to anything going on in her life.

Nicknames & Petnames

--Muerte to Vanya: "YOU!!!"
--Vanya to Muerte: "Oh. Hi, Morty."

greasy, over-styled, unkempt
Quotes & Catchphrases
It means “death”!


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