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Mr. Zan's Meat Specialties

Original appearance: Shards of Infamy 2.07 The Hunt for Silar Mins Act 1, June 24th, 2017

Purpose / Function

Mr. Zan makes a very limited selection of meat dishes every day, right there at his cart, which he sells to carnivorous passersby in the Promenade area of downtown Cenvex Station.


Few customers waste any time asking what kind of meat.


Mr. Zan does not haggle.


Mr. Zan does not vary his menu much.


Mr. Zan does not do plant-based food.


Mr. Zan closes up for the day when he runs out of meat.
That is usually around midafternoon, station time. Mr. Zan never works late hours. Mr. Zan has never had leftovers.


Mr. Zan's Meat Salad contains seven different kinds of chipped/sliced/strip/chunked meat, each cooked with different seasonings and to different levels of doneness, artfully arranged in a recyclable bowl.
Mr. Zan's Meat Salad has proven able to bring a Wookiee out of berzerker rage.


Mrs. Zan is a very happy hausfrau.

Kiosk / Small store
Parent Location


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