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One of the more rare species in the galaxy, the mordrax are an example of evolution due to extreme planetary environmental collapse.
The mordrax ( singular is also 'mordrax' ) are mega-fauna sized creatures on the moon of Nar Shaddaa that live out their lives in the swampy undercity area of Nar Shaddaa's hundred layers deep urban sprawl that covers most of the planet's surface.
It's unknown at this time if the species is endangered. To date, the combination of Hutt politics in the region and the hostile environment of Faultline - the under layer of Nar Shaddaa - has prevented any research. 
But the semi-regular sightings from smugglers who use the abandoned warehouses along the Faultline layer do confirm the species still exists.

Physical Description

Mordrax are a gigantic-sized species that range from 4.9 to 5.8 m (16 to 19 ft) to 5.8 to 6.7 m (19 to 22 ft.) in length for adults, and 2.6 m (8.5 ft) in length on the average for their offspring, known as 'pods'. 
They have an elongated body with a pair of dorsal fins and pectoral flippers with slightly thickened skin along the front edges of each. Their general shape resembles whales or similar creatures on water worlds, leading to the belief that mordrax evolved from a similar type of marine animal on ancient Nar Shaddaa. But there, the similarity deviates.
The surface of the mordrax is a thick moss with sporadic wide lily pad and ivy leaves which acts as an insulating and protective layer for the creature. Leaves and vines are more predominant over the back and sides, which do trail after the creature as it moves.
It may look as if the plant life is growing in symbiosis with the mordrax but this isn't the case. Instead, because of the environment and diet of the creature, it absorbed the genetic predisposition for chlorophyll to allow it to survive. This enables the mordrax to go for days to weeks between eating and still gain nutrition. 
The creatures are amphibious, spending part of their time in the salt marsh-like areas underneath Nar Shaddaa's urban centers. When not submerged, the creatures are flying above the surface, just above the tops of the gigantic phosphorescent mushroom forests that serve as part of their food source.

Diet and Feeding Habits

Mordrax are technically a combination of carrion feeder and carnivorous plant. This allows them to eat and process the insects and tree mushrooms of Nar Shaddaa's Faultline along with absorb what minimal amounts of energy that crosses their path. In fact, some reports state that they do have some ability to even absorb blaster bolts.


It's the fact that the creature can fly is what surprises most anyone that encounters a mordrax. The secret to their movement lies in their diet. As they process the mushroom trees, proteins from dead creatures left in Faultline, and other sources, they produce helium and a charged ion plasma as a by-product. These are stored in special organs that run along either side of the creature. 
To generate lift, they use the charged ions interaction with the helium by emitting a low-level burst of ions. It isn't enough to be seen or felt from outside the creature but it does provide lift.

Defensive Abilities

Their moss-covered hide, and their ability to absorb certain amounts of energy, allows for an adequate defense against most threats using physical or moderate powered energy sources. If threatened, a mordrax can use the ion charges it creates as a defense mechanism by emitting an ion-stun field from its sides in a wide arc. This broadside attack is to allow the mordrax time to escape by stunning the aggressor. 

Life Cycle

Mordrax gather in social groups called 'swoops'. These swoops range from five to fifteen mordrax with a mix of male, female and young pod mordrax. The social structure is matrilineal and highly complex with as many as four or five generations living together. Highly social creatures, mordrax are not often found alone but with others of their swoop.
Colossal amphibious carrion 'chimera'
95 - 100 years
Average Height
1.8 m (6 ft.) from belly to top of the highest of the dorsal fins
Average Weight
1360.7 - 5443.1 kg ( 3000 - 12,000 lbs )
Average Length
4.9 to 5.8 m (16 to 19 ft) to 5.8 to 6.7 m (19 to 22 ft.)

Game Stats

  • Swimming 8D
  • Special Abilities:
  • Ion burst: an adult Mordrax can generate an ion (stun) burst for 5D energy damage, juveniles only generate 2D+2 damage in a given burst.
  • Slamming: Mordrax can slam against an opponent, doing STR+2D damage.
  • Teeth: Do STR+1D damage
  • Energy feeder: Mordrax can absorb some level of energy directed at them. Treat as +2D against energy.
  • Move: 20 (swimming or flying)


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