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Luke Skywalker

Strong in the Force, light on the impulse control

First campaign appearance: Shards of Honor 1.0 "Blood Inheritance"

Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker (a.k.a. "Dobai Penota", "Zan")

VNY's notes:

Currently about thirty years old, blond hair and blue eyes, amazingly strong in the Force. With his dad and sister around, when I first learned to be able to sense the movement of the Force, I thought the twins were the baseline and I must be more than half-dead, or maybe psychically stunted somehow.
Luke would probably have graduated to knighthood years ago, but he’s got a problem with impulsiveness. (Thanks to some overheard comments and a little private eye digging, I gather that he comes by it naturally — from both parents.) I can’t judge whether this is an effect of his circumstances in adolescence, or just that his first experience with really having to exhibit impulse control was when Feyd shoved Luke's psyche into that Sith Trap. (You notice that didn’t work out too well for either one of them.) Anyway, facing the Jedi Trials got put off for Luke until about a year after his sister had already graduated, for reasons that were never any of my business.
Luke’s almost as innate a pilot as Anakin, possibly better at the manipulation of awkward energies and masses, and so far beyond me in swordwork that any sparring between us serves only the purpose of helping me get my brain unstuck. He's a sweet guy, very easy to talk to -- a lot like his mother, in that way. He spent about two months trying out for the role of "Vanya's big brother" which really did NOT work because I'm (1) older than him, and (2) was being treated like an adult capable of independent action even when I didn't know the most youngling-level Jedi stuff. Fortunately I managed to sit him down and explain (3) I grew up in a very different structure, so this "guiding sibling" thing is an abstract concept to which I don't directly relate; that shook him off without any disgruntled feelings getting entangled in it. By the time he might have figured out that I do in fact understand "older/younger sibling" dynamics just fine, he was nineteen and asking his ma if he could take the shuttle to Pelagar for a diving expedition he'd read about.
I successfully shot Luke once. While he had a lit lightsaber in his actual hand, and was looking at me.
He’ll live that down someday. Probably.
Year of Birth
12701 30 Years old
Aligned Organization

Dobai Penota

blond-headed villager


Polite, gracious, and totally unwilling to agree that he’s got some major holes in his description of his origin and childhood. He was born “here”, grew up “here”, yet his village doesn’t look like it’s existed for five years, much less twenty-five.


And yes, I shot him! If he did not want to be stunned, he should have defended himself. I handed him my lightsaber. I turned it on for him. I explained that I was going to shoot him. And then I shot him. He let his feelings take over about half a second too late, because he was so busy refusing to believe that he was a Jedi.

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